Best 6 ASO (App Store Optimization) Expert Tips of 2022

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App Store Optimization or ASO, is a way to ensure your app meets app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of the search results page. But how do marketers optimize to be better found on app stores?

To help you improve your app marketing strategy! Here, we’ve put together App store optimization techniques for mobile apps, many of which are rooted in well-known SEO strategies that marketers know and love.

Let’s dive in!

What is App Store optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) are improvements made to the app’s download page to help your app climb the visibility ladder and encourage more people to download it. ASO is primarily focused on two of the world’s leading app store platforms: Apple App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store (Android).

If you build an app or already have one on the market, ASO must stand out in the busy app market. As per a well-known mobile app development service provider, ASO is not a ‘one and done’ project. It requires constant attention and consistent updating.

Why is ASO important?

The higher the app’s rating, the more relevant it will appear to users. Also, they don’t have to search for search results. And because ranking correlates directly with the number of downloads, higher positions get more downloads.

ASO has many benefits. Research shows that ASO is the crucial factor behind 68% of all new application discoveries. Moreover, an iPhone app developers states, when used in the right way, you get the following benefits:

  • Applications become easier to find
  • Drive more traffic
  • The number of users is increasing
  • Increase the number of organic downloads
  • Expand the user base
  • Cut user acquisition costs
  • Help grow your mobile business

ASO Elements Overview

App StoreGoogle Play Store
On-page factorsApp icon
TitleSubtitleScreenshotsPreview VideosSeller’s Name What’s NewIn-App Purchase Promotional TextDescription
App IconTitleShort DescriptionsLong Descriptions Developer’s Name URL/PackagePromo Video Screenshots
Off-page factorsKeywordsRatings & ReviewsRatings & Reviews

ASO ‘App Store Optimization’ Techniques

Are you one of them who wants to improve your app’s chances of getting noticed out in the crowd? Here, in this section, we will explain the techniques for how App Store Optimization is done. 

Understand The Users

Forrester claims that 63% of apps are discovered by searching the app store. This is the most common way to find new applications. But more importantly, it means that people are looking for a specific application.

So, start by researching both the target market and the target audience. Identify your needs and behavior. According to a leading Android Mobile Application Development Company, understanding your customers allows you to gather the information that can help prepare your application information. Discerning why they would use the app, how it is discovered, the language they speak, etc.

Choose The Correct Name

There is a lot to say about the name of your application. It’s the first thing people see about your app. Although they should be concise, a good title makes potential users aware of your application. Just looking at the name, you get an idea of what the app does. Therefore, titles with app descriptions can drive conversions.

A descriptive title can also improve app rankings, especially if it contains a keyword or two. Depending on whether you are marketing to Apple or Google, you will have different guidelines. The Google Play Store offers you 50 characters, while the Apple App Store provides only 30 characters.

Write Accurate Descriptions of Application

This is an essential part of an application’s metadata, where you will be given a 4000-character limit. Users can find information about the application and its main features. Use natural flowing phrases to attract and persuade people to your application. 

Also, the description makes an app relevant to the app store’s ranking algorithms. Google Store uses keywords from this part to index an application. However, keywords in Apple’s App Store descriptions are less applicable for app store keyword optimization.

Prepare High-Quality Screenshots

Once a customer reaches the application page, he must convince them to download it. As a valid form of visual communication, screenshots help demonstrate your application’s functionality, provide users with a preview of the application, and tell a visual story. The Google Play Store allows you to upload up to 8 screenshots, while Apple’s App Store allows up to 10. 

Add A Preview Video

As per a report, 85% of the audience watches videos online, over half of which is consumed on mobile. A digital marketing services provider agency states, porting a video on an app store can prove beneficial and boost conversions. However, it would help if you focused on including footage that showcases all the app’s functionalities. An app preview videos can be up to 30 seconds long.

Ratings & Reviews 

Feedback is an integral part of ASO’s success. Both Google Play and Apple take into account user comments and reviews. The better the rating, the more relevant an app will appear and the higher the rating. Reviews are one of the most important signals to the App Store’s ranking algorithm.

Final Verdict

Lastly, it would be best to keep in mind that you cannot see the results in a day. Be consistent while you are on your optimization journey. What you have to do is start and launch an app! Therefore, if you have a new app idea and are searching for a trusted app development company with the right knowledge in App Store Optimization, then Contact Appstudio to book a free consultation now. Our professionals will assist you.

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