Top 10 Ruby on Rails Development Companies in Canada – 2021

Ruby on Rails Development
Ruby on Rails Development Companies

Are you looking for the best Ruby on Rails developers in Canada? Here in this article, we have mentioned a list of top Ruby on Rails development companies in Canada. You can opt for any of the following companies to help you with the best web application development services. Since the growth of internet usage, website application development trends and digitization is increasing rapidly. 

Rails is a popular web development framework used to make web apps more accessible. It is written in the Ruby language and helps developers to develop websites of any complexity. This framework helps developers in delivering custom web development services for all domains. 

Top Ruby on Rails App Development Companies To Hire in Canada

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the list of the top Ruby on Rails developers in Canada. You can quickly discover and connect with any of the following mobile app development companies in Canada to boost your business.


AppStudio can help your business reach its full potential with its Ruby on Rails app development services. As the top Ruby on Rails Development Company, the company offers versatile RoR web and mobile development services. The development team of AppStudio has an extensive understanding of the RoR framework and can quickly deliver quicker and cost-efficient application development solutions. The company offers the following RoR development services:

  • UI/UX designs
  • Custom Rails App Development
  • Ruby on Rails Consulting
  • ECommerce App Development


Zazz practices Agile Methodology and has proper and relevant knowledge and experience in RoR development services. They do far beyond the clean and error-free coding and expertise in providing exceptional post-deployment maintenance and support services. Their development team uses the Ruby on Rails framework to develop dynamic, secure, and profitable websites and mobile apps as per your business requirements. They provide versatile ECommerce App Development solutions to boost your business on online platforms. Some of the significant features that make Zazz the best platform are:

  • Supported by a strong & active community.
  • Develop data-driven & highly efficient web applications.
  • API-based transactional systems.
  • SEO-friendly web apps.
  • Use AJAX & REST designs to deliver high-quality Web 2.0 apps.

App Incubator

As a famous Ruby on Rails development company, App Incubator offers versatile Rails web development services to their clients as per their diverse development needs. Their developers use this fabulous programming language to deliver innovative & practical solutions as per your business needs. As a leading Enterprise App Development agency, they help you develop intuitive & easy to use the web and mobile apps and improve its market performance effortlessly. Given below are some of the main reasons why choose App Incubator as your RoR web development partner:

  • They impart web app development using the latest RoR version, Rail 6.0.0.
  • Elegant & functional services.
  • They implement incredible features of the RoR framework.
  • Offer rapid & custom development services.
  • Delivers top-notch services for Ruby on Rails development and designing services.

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RootQuotient consists of a team of highly talented app developers in the field of technology. They work together to build a significant technology entity that impacts almost all types of industries. The company is expertise in designing & developing innovative web applications. They follow Agile methodology to handle market demands more efficiently, and this makes their development team more adaptive, flexible, and creative. Their Ruby on Rails developers deal with complex market challenges and focus on delivering versatile apps including gaming, healthcare, ecommerce applications.


Datarockets is a famous IT service provider in Canada that builds scalable, high-volume mobile web apps for SMEs, Startups, and Enterprises alike. They build robust applications for varied domains, including healthcare, retail, gaming, media, and much more. They provide easy-to-use and intuitive mobile and web apps and release them on various platforms for users to use effortlessly.


Spiria is a popular Ruby on Rails web development company that offers several advanced development services across multiple domains. The company provides RoR mobile app development services by delivering scalable, robust, and high-performing mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. They use the power of Ruby Motion technology to provide mobile apps as per specific market needs.


It is a market-leading digital agency that builds and transforms businesses by launching products across various platforms. Along with RoR web app development services, their professional experts also offer extended support to their clients to reduce any possible chances of any operational issues.

Lush Concepts 

It is a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada, that designs and develops integrated mobile and web applications. They provide the best mobile app solutions considering your business strategy, user needs, and available technology. The company only focuses on maintaining a balanced, measured approach to deliver products as per their clients’ requirements.

Diff Agency

Diff is a full-service ecommerce agency that offers end-to-end mobile solutions to retailers that help in their business growth. As a leading app development agency, it creates best-in-class ecommerce stores with custom themes. It is known for its inclusive values that help businesses reach their full potential.

IBL infotech

IBL delivers customized web and mobile app development services to automate your business processes. The company offers web and mobile app development services to all types of startups and enterprises. They have worked for all industry domains to deliver apps ranging from healthcare apps to enterprise management apps, AR/VR-based games, and everything between and beyond.

Wrapping Up:

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the top 10 Ruby on Rails app development companies in Canada. However, the purpose is to help global clients find the right partners for their app development projects. So, check out the list of the best ROR app development agencies in Canada, Toronto, USA, and worldwide. Facing any issue or want to communicate with our Ruby on rails developers? Connect with the Ruby on Rails development team now, our team will help you in all possible ways.

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