Artificial Intelligence in Google Assistant and Travelling

Artificial Intelligence

Google is considered as one of the best company for providing virtual assistant experience. All of the artificial intelligence software and devices are providing convenience to the customers in many ways and have made their life easier than before. However, the competition is increasing rapidly in the technology sector. Some of the tech giants have lunched their virtual assistants in the market. Siri by Apple, Bixbee by Samsung, Cortana by Microsoft and Alexa by Amazon are the major competitors of Google assistant. But some of the features in Google assistant have no comparison with its competitors. Below we will discuss some of the Pros or exciting features of google assistant and Cons in detail after comparing and analyzing it with its competitors.


Tremendous understanding

Google assistant has a very high level of understanding related to the English conversation and with time they have been developing the software which is now capable of understanding numerous major languages spoken in all over the world. These languages include French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian and Korean. The Google assistant is identified as the most efficient assistant in understanding the user as compare to the other assistants available in the market

Most reliable answers

Google assistant is capable of providing the most accurate and appropriate answers to the questions asked by the user. The Google company has enhance the software and capacity of Google assistant which has enables the assistant to provide the most relevant and authentic answers.

Details tracking

Google assistant is capable of tracking don all of the information of the user that are mostly tracked with the help of the user’s location and personal information. Moreover the assistant can identify the sound tracks played in the background even when its offline which shows the efficiency of the software.

User Friendly

Google assistant has been identified as the most user friendly developed technology. People have found it the most easy to use virtual assistant as compared to the others available in the market.

Most accessible technology

Google assistant is supported by all android devices as well as it does not require a separate device for its use. Anyone with an android phone can use Google assistant while the other assistants require devices and Siri is supported by Apple devices only. As we know that android users are very huge in number, so it increases the accessibility of users to Google assistant.


The different cons of Google assistant are discussed below

24/7 monitoring

The Google assistant is developed to monitor your activities preferences all the time. If a person wants to keep his life private is concerned with the privacy, he may be able to have issue with the Google assistant as it has been designed to monitor the user 24/7. It has access to every application including calendar schedule, photos and travel schedule etc.

Permissions for accessibility

Google assistant wants to keep the complete information about the user and requires asset permission very frequently. The application requires access to photos, applications, accounts that may be a concern for some people who don’t want to share their life with any other.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancing Traveling Experience

The restrooms or washrooms of airports have become one of the most important and destinations for satisfaction drivers. Different technologies that have been installed in the toilets have enhanced the experience of the passengers. These technologies include taps, toilet papers and sanitizers dispensers, alerts for plumbing fixtures that is capable of identifying over flows and leakages, installation of satisfaction voting machines and the use of technology similar to garage that shows the availability of space in the washroom are helping the companies to enhance the travel experience of the customers.

These changes are not only increasing the satisfaction level of the customers but they are very effective for the maintaining the cleanliness of the airport washroom which was a major issue as well as the technology has been proven beneficial for the conservation of water and smartly using it through the use of sensors.

Most of the users have perceived these newly installed technologies to be very impressive as toilets have been playing a significant role in the total experience of the passengers and the cleanliness as well as availability of the washroom was a major issue for the passengers. According to the the passengers, they are enjoying the new experience and are appreciating the use of technology in the washrooms. This is considered to be an important part of customer satisfaction because all of the efforts are made for the satisfaction of the customers and the feedback from end user is considered as the ultimate outcome of these efforts. The design, cleanliness as well as technology, all of these installations are admired by the customers.

The companies are investing in artificial intelligence to enhance the traveling experience of the customers. Online booking of tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants and in future it has been estimated that in few years the technology will support the first autonomous cargo flight. Artificial intelligence has been replacing some jobs and some research is required for the managers to enhance their capabilities to manage the AI in future. Companies like IBM and airfare are investing and researching in areas that will augment the human resource instead of replacing it with the AI. AI has emerged as a business necessity for the travel industry because of the increasing competition.

Moreover it has been personalizing the price of travelers by observing their preferences and routines. Different features provided by the technology including key free entrance using recognition, controlling electronic devices through mobile phones like lights, air conditioners and televisions  have been contributing to enhance the traveler’s experience. moreover the article has also highlighted the slower technological advancement practiced in third world countries where labor is cheap and people prefer to use human instead of technology installation in their businesses.


After the development of virtual assistants and the advancement of the technology related to these assistants, the concerns related to privacy have been seen in the customers. According to the case of Amazon Echo, a family has a complaint that these devices are capable of recording and keeping the voices of the users and recognize their voices as well as they are capable of working according to the commands given by the users.

A complaint has been registered by a family that Amazon echo recorded their conversation and send it to a contact saved in the device without any information. The company has investigated and identified that the device has considered the recorded background voices as commands and send it without understanding properly. This incident has highlighted the potential privacy breach associated with these assistants. The concerns related to the privacy are increasing because of the information accessibility of these devices which can have very serious consequences.


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