Virtual Reality Simulation Transforming Staff Training Methods

by appstudio January 3, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes

Technology is constantly advancing and is currently part of almost every aspect of our life, to the point that today it has become an ally when training personnel for any type of industry, using mainly virtual reality or augmented reality. VR training Virtual reality, also known as VR for its acronym in English, is a […]

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Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies Montreal

by appstudio January 2, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 4 minutes
Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a personalized service with great customer participation. It is the client who has the knowledge of the processes, and the development phase. Custom software caters the need of specific clients with unique performance. If you are looking for best in town developers, have a look at our compilation of top 10 […]

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Meet Trends and Pillars of Digital Transformation for Companies

by appstudio December 31, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Digital Transformation

The trends in digital transformation are those that mark the path for companies and brands when adopting technologies and strategies aimed at increasing the impact on their sector. Before starting our topic, we must make the concept clear, since not everything that involves technology is necessarily digital transformation. Then, get to work! What is the […]

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Contemporary Technologies and their Impact on Sports

by appstudio December 27, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Contemporary Technologies

Technology has been a fundamental actor in the lives of human beings for many years now. It has invaded practically all areas of our day to day to facilitate almost everything. The sport is not a field that escapes the constant technological advances that every day try to perfect our way of practicing it. Both […]

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Virtual Reality Remodeling Education and Learning Processes

by appstudio December 25, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Virtual Reality Remodeling Education

A few decades ago, virtual reality was only fiction. How could we imagine that one day this and other technologies would be part of everyday life? Although today virtual reality is not part of everyone’s day to day, we know of its existence and the possibility of using it in our favor. Education is one […]

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