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The Application of Beacon Technology in Our Businesses are:

Location proximity

Beacon can initiate signals of its exact location within the premises. Using the data, we can grab a variety of benefits such as gather clients’ counts, resource trackers, use it in emergencies to send a location, push notifications on staff devices, a stepwise guide for customers in the store and much more.

Customer check-in / check-out

There is no need for issuing physical tickets, with this app one can measure automatic counters of customer check-ins and check-outs. Furthermore, there is no need to read a barcode or touch your device to a terminal. Everything works from a distance.

Announcements and Directions

The sky is the limit with this possibility. Imagine putting beacon devices at different places and items, whenever someone comes in a defined range, the device will send a push notification. You can announce, warn or engage customers with beacons. It can be used in stores, museums’, shopping malls, etc.

Security Beacon mobile applications

Beacon can be used in a range of mobile security applications, such as asset monitoring, moving GPS location in emergencies, sending pictures and GPS coordinates to local authorities, embedding different wearables to track individual locations, advertising people, etc.

Payment solutions using beacon technology

Beacon allows mobile transactions to be made without payment counter cards or touching any computer or barcode tracing. No doubt that it is one of the most popular and engaging applications of beacon tech.

Analytical reports

Beacon devices can gather analytics for your business. It can easily trace and transmit the users around. This data can be used to create beneficial and worthy analytics’ which can help grow your business and target proper groups. You can see the popularity of each of your products and even the time people spend around each counter or shelf.

iBeacon App Benefits

Custom iBeacon App Solutions

We provide elevated-quality, tailored development services for iBeacon applications. Our iBeacon apps make shopping easy and fun and generate the best user experience.

Used for Checking Proximity

We have developed various mobile proximity solutions through iBeacon. Thanks to our mobile application developers, we are among the few who are working on this technology.

Offer Value Added Experience

Our iBeacon apps provide superior flexibility and user experience to connect to nearby devices. The usability is the key here.

Provides Real Time Notifications

Once users enter the store, at the time they are in the beacon scope, they receive push notifications about the deals. It is one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.

In-store Shopping Experience

Our apps send targeted information to the visiting users that help owners to generate more revenue without the marketing and sales pitch nuisance.

Facilitates Mobile Payments

As the app begins cashless transactions, we create iBeacon software for seamless payments. The concept behind the solution is to make it as simple as possible to make payments.

Our Beacon App Development Services

At AppStudio, we have a team of certified and dedicated iBeacon app developers in Canada. You can hire iBeacon developers through a profitable model for services including:

iBeacon Technology Consulting

With practical knowledge of iBeacon technology, our consulting specialists will help handle the challenges of installing, configuring, and managing the iBeacon infrastructure. They will help you calculate the optimal coverage for your device and ensure secure data transmission.

Design and Development of iBeacon Applications

Based on your requirements, Our developers will build your native or cross-platform mobile app for Android and iOS to interact with your iBeacon settings, with AppStudio designers complementing the app with a truly user-friendly and intuitive interface.

iBeacon App Integration

To help you make use of the iBeacon network without incurring significant development costs, we will empower your existing mobile application with iBeacon technology and update the application's feature set with new proximity-based capabilities.

Custom iBeacon Mobile Apps

We have the skill to offer highly customized Beacon mobile applications based on your specific business requirements. The goal of our iOS developers is to ensure that you get the best results from our Beacon mobile apps.

iBeacon Business Application Development

Our iBeacon application developers have the skills to create commercial iBeacon applications for small, medium, and large organizations based on your specific business needs, taking into account your budget requirements.

Why Choose Appstudio For iBeacon App Development

AppStudio is one of the best company to take advantage of iBeacon application development services. Our team of expert UI developers has created a very engaging app in the past. The app is all about tracking the crowd at various events, interacting with them, and developing a connection. This tracking-based app has been a revelation that different event organizers are still looking for. Our iBeacon developers use the latest technologies and tools to create excellent, scalable, functional, and customized iBeacon technology solutions.

Work with AppStudio to harness the power of iBeacon application development.

We offer customized solutions to develop iBeacon applications for a better experience, communication, and interactivity. With iBeacon solutions, you can expect more excellent proximity and location accuracy, which is crucial. Our goal is to provide effective iBeacon services with different application development variations. It also improves the experiences of visitors who come to your store or search for your store online.

Apple iBeacon comes with new and improved privacy features. It also offers standard integrity features to ensure that users can enjoy a seamless experience. There is no doubt that the technology has remarkable usability characteristics, and it is also very affordable. So, contact us today to kick start your app development project.

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