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Scalable Hadoop
Business Solutions

Hadoop offers scalable, flexible, and cost-effective business solutions for data storage and computation. With the help of a Distributed File System (DFS) and Hadoop’s modular architecture, the technology can be customized to suit all sorts of business operations and environments. The open-source programming framework stores enormous data volumes on hardware clusters.

The Modules of Hadoop

Our Hadoop infrastructure is based on the following modules:

Hadoop Common

It is the collection of basic utilities and libraries that are needed by the other Hadoop modules. It is also responsible for the tools that are required by the user’s computer for reading the stored data. It is the core package of the core and essential Hadoop services that are required by the framework.

hadoop common utilities and libraries
hadoop mapreduce solution

Hadoop MapReduce

This is the processing unit of the Hadoop framework which is tasked with carrying our two distinct functions. It reads data from the database and puts it into a suitable format. Its other function is performing mathematical operations with the data. MapReduce processes data in three stages: Map, Shuffle, and Reduce.

  • Map: This converts the data to key-value pairs known as Tuples. It is used to write applications for processing a large amount of data.
  • Shuffle: This transfers the data from the Map stage to the Reduce stage.
  • Reduce: Once the tuples are received, the framework passes the function key and an iterator object with all the values pertaining to the key.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

The most important module of the Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) framework. It breaks down data into smaller blocks and stores them in distributed nodes. Using a master and slave setup, it stores colossal amounts of data by using computer systems as nodes and multiple such nodes in one cluster. The data nodes read, write, process and copy the data as well as send signals to the master node.

hadoop distributed file system
Hadoop yarn

Hadoop YARN

YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator is the resource management unit that is responsible for managing the clusters. It also performs job scheduling and job monitoring functions to ensure that the clusters are working properly and doing what they are supposed to do.

AppStudio’s Hadoop Development Services

We have refined our products and services with years of experience, gained by catering to hundreds of clients from various industries.

AppStudio’s Hadoop Development Services

We have refined our products and services with years of experience, gained by catering to hundreds of clients from various industries.

hadoop custom solution


Our experts can build custom Hadoop business solutions by analyzing your environment and create the most suitable framework for it.

hadoop deployment


Finalized products are launched by a team of experts who deploy them while making sure of the compatibility with the existing systems of the client’s organization.

data mining with hadoop

Data Analysis and Visualization

Our experts are proficient in data visualization and can perform mergers of big data environments with external datasets, enrich them, or fast-track them.

hadoop implementation

Hadoop Implementation

We can develop various kinds of data models, pipelines, and implement Hadoop frameworks that are suitable for specific business requirements.

hadoop design

Design and

Our developers design creative Hadoop architecture using relevant technology, skills and experience that are suitable for your business needs.

hadoop integration


We offer technology integration services for various platforms as well as location based mobile services for marketing purposes and more.

big data development

Big Data Solutions

We provide effective big data solutions that are transformative and improve business operations, performance, and analytics.

hadoop configuration

Technical Support

Around-the-clock maintenance and technical support by skilled professionals who resolve issues quickly while constantly upgrading and optimizing the framework.

hadoop consulting

Hadoop Consulting Services

AppStudio is a reputed Hadoop developer that also offers insights on the deployment of the framework as well as its possible configurations and optimization.

hadoop data testing


AppStudio offers comprehensive and in-depth testing of Hadoop frameworks to ensure flawless functionality, smooth operations, and great results.

business app development

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Team AppStudio has the proper knowledge and skills to go through vast amounts of data and offer valuable insights.

hadoop development solution


At AppStudio, we have a dedicated team of developers that delivers high-quality business solutions that are reliable, secure, and effective.

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Our Hadoop Development
Tools & Technologies

Our Hadoop experts and system architects use the latest tools and technologies to build customized Hadoop solutions. We create robust Hadoop solutions by using several tools. Some of them are -

  • mongoDB solutions
  • hadoop hdfc solutions
  • apache hbasc solutions
  • java app development
  • mohout hadoop solutions
  • cloudera impala development solutions
  • apache spark hadoop solutions
  • apache zookeeper solutions
  • hadoop mapreduce tool
  • hadoop nosql tool
  • hadoop hive development tool
  • hadoop flume tool
  • hadoop flume tool

Our Hadoop Development
Tools & Technologies

Our Hadoop experts and system architects use the latest tools and technologies to build customized Hadoop solutions. We create robust Hadoop solutions by using several tools. Some of them are -

  • apache ambari
  • hadoop tool
  • ruby app development
  • hadoop scala solutions
  • avro tool
  • hadoop js tool
  • solr hadoop tool

The Key Benefits
of Using Hadoop


Hadoop is a highly scalable storage platform that stores and distributes data on multiple platforms.


Hadoop offers a cost-effective storage solution for storing all businesses data.


Hadoop allows businesses to access different types of data from new data sources.


Hadoop’s unique storage method speeds up the data processing and recovery methods.

Fault tolerance

When data is sent to an individual node, it might experience some problems resulting in large volumes of unstructured data.

Easy to use

Hadoop makes businesses to derive valuable insights from various data sources.


The tools for data processing make users feasible to access data from multiple sources.

Schema Independent

Hadoop is flexible enough to store various data formats and can work on both structured and unstructured data.

Data Locality

Hadoop works on the “Move the code, not data” principle that ensures minimum Data movement.
hadoop key benifits

Pros of AppStudio Hadoop Development Services

We are the leading Hadoop application development company in the region that is made up of industry veterans. Our Hadoop development offers many advantages.

Game development idea

Quality and Security

At AppStudio, we follow the latest security protocols and make compliant frameworks that are future-proof. Our developers ensure the highest quality of data protection and implement advanced measures to keep data safe and secure.

game idea


We follow an analytical and result-driven approach when developing Hadoop solutions for businesses. By leveraging valuable insights, we are able to devise suitable frameworks that perform well and without any issues.


Integrity &

Our clients are always up-to-date with the development cycle of their Hadoop framework. We craft high-quality business solutions under their supervision and guidance which is vital for the creation of an ideal framework for their business requirements.

Cross-Platform Game development


All our products and services undergo a series of stringent quality checks. Rigorous testing is done to ensure that our offerings are of top quality and are developed in line with the unique business requirements of the client.

Socialise the Mobile Game


While our offerings are made with the latest technologies and industry innovations, we make sure to keep the development costs down by using advanced methodologies and prioritizing data management strategies.

Test the Game Rigorously

Information Security

We at AppStudio place a lot of focus on protecting and safeguarding the sensitive information stored by the Hadoop framework. Periodic assessments and training sessions are done to ensure peak performance for human and non-human elements.

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Our Mobile App Development
Services Includes...

AppStudio is a leading mobile app development company in Canada. Here, you get a wide range of digital solutions under one roof. Our services include iOS app development, Android app development, and web app development.

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Excellent Quality Delivered on Time

Full Confidentiality


Effective & Continuous

Effective & Continuous Communication

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Friendly & Cordial in Nature

Experienced Team


Top-rated Hadoop App Development Company

AppStudio has established itself as an expert of the domain and a reputed Hadoop consulting firm. Our experts can devise fully customizable business data storage and computation solutions that can be tailored to cater to the most demanding of business environments and operations. We have accumulated decades of experience, market knowledge, and creative information in one place in the form of a well-informed and talented development team. We leverage our advantages to create remarkable digital solutions for startups and businesses. Our solutions are crafted for your specific business requirements and kept in top working order to rise up to the long-term goals and challenges.

Absolute Support


Complete Technical Competency

Complete Technical Competency


Support is Amazing!

We wanted to grow our business with the help of Hadoop, After huge search, we came in contact with AppStudio. The company understood our problems and provided the best services of Hadoop. We got amazing results after using hadoop framework in our business. Such a tremendous and dedicated team they have.

  • Logan Tee

Excellent Customer Service!

AppStudio has dedicated Hadoop developers to produce mobile application within deadlines. Their Hadoop developers maintain a clear communication with our company. They skillfully manage a significant time difference by delivering professional, smooth application.

  • Rubin Alaie

Fast and Efficient

Anything could be good but AppStudio’s work is the best in the Hadoop development services. The hardwork and dedication of their team has delivered me the best Hadoop application. I could ever have for my business. Impressed

  • George

Nominated in 2018, 2019, 2020
as the best agency of the year.

AppStudio always keeps pace with innovative technologies. This makes us the best mobile application solution providers.

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Hadoop Application Development

Today, organizations are collecting data from multiple sources. This comprises Big data that needs innovative solutions to track and analyze insights. We help businesses with the right solutions to leverage big data. The goal is to develop solutions that enable data-driven solutions.

Get tail made solutions for your big data challenges.

We address big data challenges and provide customized solutions. Our team of Hadoop Application Developers use a combination of mixtures to solve the complex problems. At Appstudio, we take care of all your business needs. We do everything from providing the right solution to boost your business performance through business insights and analysis. At appstudio, we look for ways to solve your business problems through customized big data solutions.

Our services

We provide custom Hadoop application development services that work for your business needs. Right from driving the strategy, development to optimization, we deliver solutions for all your business needs.

Hadoop Consulting and Development

We offer consulting and development services that address your business needs. Over the years, we have provided solutions to businesses for their big data processing needs. We ensure Hadoop aligns with your business process and meet your goals. Our experts help you at every stage of Hadoop deployment and provide valuable insights.

Our team of experienced app developers analyzes your data challenges and business goals. Based on the assessment, we provide the clients with unique solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Custom Hadoop Development Services

We deliver tailor-made Hadoop solutions that align with your business needs. Our team builds scalable, robust, and secured solutions. Our custom solutions enhance the collection, drop the response time, and easily interpret the information obtained by companies.

Hadoop Integration Services

We provide seamless integration services with your CRM system, ERP, and EDI. Our team also helps you out with predictive modeling of user behavior, automating digital marketing, and other integration services.

Maintenance and Support

We are determined to solve each and every problem. Our team provides you with relevant solutions and improved functionality.

Hadoop Implementation

Our Toronto app developers have extensive experience in executing real-time Hadoop solutions. We provide your system with the right Hadoop architecture, design, deployment of data components, and other data management solutions.

How to process data in Hadoop?

Hadoop is the power behind the evolving data industry. Hadoop is licensed under Apache. It can help you process a large volume of data without the need to invest too much. Businesses across the globe are relying on Hadoop. This technology can help your organization cut down the expenses and work through robust analytic dashboard solutions. Being written in JAVA programming, this technology is accepted everywhere. Hadoop is a modern data system that wins in today’s marketplace.

How Hadoop can help Businesses?

Businesses can use this open-source software framework to efficiently manage a large volume of unstructured and complex data. We help you with this with our big data development services. Our developers are well trained in Hadoop services to help you make the most of the data. Our team understands your data-related challenges. We then provide you with the best management solutions that meet your business needs. At appstudio, our ios developers Toronto provide solutions that work for your business process.

Why Hire AppStudio As Your Trusted Hadoop Developers?

As a Hadoop application development and consulting firm, we aim to harness our potential to address organizational challenges for large-scale data storage and seamless processing. Businesses need data management to explore their ever-expanding database.

We help global companies analyze, process, and store these massive data backups to get the desired results. Our proficient iOS developers, Android developers, and Hadoop expertise can help you streamline many processes and focus on making more impact. We offer a wide range of data analysis with Hadoop solutions based on our clients' unique requirements.

Are you looking to create a business intelligence or big data solution? Our team has deep expertise in using Hadoop technology to develop customized and innovative solutions. Contact us to hire Hadoop developers. We help companies to build next-generation products with large-scale data management and reliable analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is your pricing model for Hadoop application development?

Special Recruitment, Hourly basis, Permanent Recruitment, and our flexible hiring model.

Q2. What programming language is used in Hadoop?

Developers mostly prefer Java programming language for Hadoop development. However, the Hadoop framework is written in Java with native code in C. Also, the command line utilities are written as Shell Script.

Q3. What types of solutions are offered in your Hadoop app development services?

The services offered in the Hadoop solution stack are:

  • Hadoop Consulting Services
  • Hadoop Integration Service
  • Custom Hadoop Development Solutions
  • Hadoop implementation

Q4. Do you provide Hadoop consulting services worldwide?

Yes, we are a leading mobile app development company in Toronto, Canada and offering extensive Hadoop Development services worldwide without any hassle.

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