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Our Key Features

Client Centric Development

AppStudio works for clients. We have always prioritizes clients and devise the whole roadmap and strategies according to their will and timeline.

Agile Development

Agile Development method is the best way to develop a mobile app as it’s cost effective, refined, and productive and ensures quality.

Dedicated Development Team

We have dedicated development teams for almost every type of technology. We never use same developers for all technologies and platforms.

Excellent Support

Maintenance is a jewel in AppStudio crown. We provide round the clock service and support to our customers.

Data Backups

With AppStudio, you never have to be worried regarding data backups. We apply modern solutions for migration and data backups.


AppStudio rely on military grade security. While working with us, you should not worry about data leaks and glitches.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

It is one of our premium development apps, including Swift coding, basic UI design concepts, integration of iOS content, and prototyping. There's no doubt that Apple is offering luxury, and we're also making sure our iOS-based products offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system that most manufacturers are using. From the wealthy to a common man, thanks to budget phones, everyone has access to the internet. We make sure our Android apps are available, providing full usability.

Mobile Backend Engineering

On the server-side, behind the scenes, the back-end developer works, allowing the user to enjoy his work experience. We apply effortlessly ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, etc. and keep in mind the main idea of consumers.

QA and Testing

We also consider our customers ' needs and goals at Appstudio. Upon releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions, but also build mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. As prevention is better than cure, we check the app many times.

Native Applications

To design a native app, you must use all the capabilities of mobile devices. It's not about making concessions on the user experience you want to create. But to have, ultimately, a solid basis to scale up, and transform a mobile product into a real business. Technical side: our main projects were developed with React Native and Xamarin.

Hybrid App Development

Today, because of their cost-effectiveness and streamlined interface, hybrid apps are increasingly being used in the mobile world. At Appstudio we have designers who are capable of creating hybrid applications based on incorporating all of the customers ' focal points.

iOS Application Development

much more market share than this, iOS has been losing power and users. Versions prior to iOS 8 do not allow the use of the Java Platform and Adobe Flash. Instead iOS uses HTML5 as an alternative to Flash. However, starting with iOS 8, Adobe Flash is already allowed, but users of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a version earlier than iOS 8 are left out of this update. You must take it into account for cases of development of apps for iOS.

Technology Stack


Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and execute it on any device.

React Native

React Native is one of the most fashionable technologies at the moment. When developing an app in React Native, the code we write is the same for the Android and iOS versions. However, if not handled well, it could ruin the whole development process.


The strength of flutter is that it has a single codebase which can be utilized to build apps for mobile, web and even desktop. It’s an open source platform while it’s a primary method to create apps for fuchsia.


For macOS or iOS, the best option is to do it in Swift. The most used programming languages are over 20 years old. But that which at first sight can be considered a disadvantage is a great advantage. Why? Because it is a language adapted to the needs we currently have.


Xcode is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Apple that can be used to develop applications in several languages. Specifically and among others, it allows the creation of apps for iOS mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod, something that we are expert at Appstudio.


Objective-C is much less compromising with errors, has a complicated syntax and also offers certain concepts that are complex for programmers that come from other languages. However, the main libraries for iOS are written with Objective-C.

Siri Intents

Android Application Development

It is an open source operating system. This means that you can adapt it to your needs. There are therefore many more developers and much more documentation for professionals. Kernel based on the Linux Kernel. Adaptable for many screens and resolutions. Excellent to adapt to the infinite number of terminals that exist in the market. Use SQLite for data storage. Web browser based on WebKit included. Support HTML, HTML5, Adobe Flash Player, etc. It includes a device emulator, tools for memory debugging and analysis of software performance. Google Talk from its HoneyComb version, to make video calls. Real multitasking of applications.

Android Kit

SDK is the acronym for “Software Development Kit”. The SDK brings together a group of tools that allow the programming of mobile applications.


Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and execute it on any device.


Kotlin is a statically typed programming language, that is, it is the virtual machine that infers the type to the variables and, therefore, does not have to be specified. It is a language that runs under the Java Virtual Machine, so it has the same performance as Java, without penalizing this aspect at any time.

Android Studio

Android Studio is set of tools for the rapid creation of applications in Android. The interesting thing about Android Studio is that it automates some functions so that android app developers can concentrate on the purest design of a native application.


The strength of flutter is that it has a single codebase which can be utilized to build apps for mobile, web and even desktop. It’s an open source platform while it’s a primary method to create apps for fuchsia.

Material Design

Material Design is an Android-oriented design language created by Google, supporting onscreen touch experiences via cue-rich features and natural motions that mimic real-world objects. Designers optimize users' experience with 3D effects, realistic lighting and animation features in immersive, platform-consistent GUIs.

Mobile Backend Engineering

A backend needs to be a developer. It is the engineering work that composes database access and server-side templates creation. We were responsible for the implementation of stuff such as MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server or MongoDB. Then link to the server a language such as PHP or JSP, or frameworks such as RoR, Django, and Node. JS or. NET. AppStudio has recruited professional and powerful backend programmers who are well trained to handle large brand ventures as well as emerging startups.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • SAP Data Services

QA and Testing

Applications today become more complex, often operating within multiple layers, cross-platform environments, and preferably in fast and agile conditions, with increasingly ambitious requirements. AppStudio has a solid and complete Quality Assurance and Testing practice that identifies with accuracy, integrity, and the level of quality of software products. AppStudio helps organizations improve productivity by accelerating time to market, and the release of software products that meet customer expectations in terms of quality and user experience, while achieving significant savings in costs.

Our App Development Approach

Native Application

Native applications are those that have been developed with the software offered by each operating system to programmers, generically called Software Development Kit or SDK. Thus, Android, iOS and Windows Phone have a different one and the native applications are designed and programmed specifically for each platform, in the language used by the SDK.

Hybrid Application

This type of application is a kind of combination between the previous two. The way to develop them is similar to that of a web application - using HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and once the application is finished, it is compiled or packaged in such a way that the end result is as if it were an application native This allows almost with the same code to obtain different applications, for example, for Android and iOS, and distribute them in each of its stores.

Mobile App Development

Currently we find applications of all types, shapes and colors, but in the first phones, they were focused on improving personal productivity: these were alarms, calendars, calculators and email clients. AppStudio is one of the pioneer companies who has been awarded multiple times due to our top notch developers and amazing design team. We have been rewarded multiple times by the media houses due to our excellent agile development method and superior quality.

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