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Mobile App Development

Company apps have many functions: they can provide general information, prices, booking forms, search functions, user accounts, messaging, news feeds and much more. One of the main advantages of having your own business app is that all the information you want to provide to your customers, including sales and special promotions, can be conveniently at hand at any time. For example, push notifications are a function that allows you to get even closer to direct interaction and can be easily used to remind customers of your products and services whenever you need them. AppStudio is the best development company located in Markham. We have the best team of designers, managers, coders and we ensure productivity and innovation.

Simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes Elegance

Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

Ideal Smart

The IdealSmart App is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals while on the Ideal Protein Protocol


RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you


Scoutt is an interactive mapping service crowd-sourced by photographers to scoutt out interesting locations around the world

Technology is the best tool

The competitiveness of companies today also passes from their ability to initiate digitalization processes. Digital transformation can allow your company to avoid the risk of being "cut off" from the innovative dynamics that this transformation brings, together with numerous other advantages, let's see how. The digitization processes often involve an initial effort by the company, a commitment to fit into a path of evolution, and therefore to change, which may lead, if well directed, to greater efficiency and higher productivity.

iOS App Development

It is one of our premium development apps, including Swift coding, basic UI design concepts, integration of iOS content, and prototyping. There's no doubt that Apple is offering luxury, and we're also making sure our iOS-based products offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system that most manufacturers are using. From the wealthy to a common man, thanks to budget phones, everyone has access to the internet. We make sure our Android apps are available, providing full usability.

Mobile Backend Engineering

On the server-side, behind the scenes, the back-end developer works, allowing the user to enjoy his work experience. We apply effortlessly ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, etc. and keep in mind the main idea of consumers.

QA and Testing

We also consider our customers ' needs and goals at Appstudio. Upon releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions, but also build mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. As prevention is better than cure, we check the app many times.

Native Applications

We know that by going to the native app, all sorts of system functionality, sensors and 100 percent quality are achieved. Whether it's Java for Android or Swift for iOS, we're able to handle every platform and enjoy a wealth of work experience for major platforms.

Hybrid App Development

Today, because of their cost-effectiveness and streamlined interface, hybrid apps are increasingly being used in the mobile world. At Appstudio we have designers who are capable of creating hybrid applications based on incorporating all of the customers ' focal points.

iOS Application Development

By opening its language to open source, Apple has allowed the creation of a large community thus promoting a rapid evolution of the language. As proof, a new version of Swift is available every year! A language unquestionably adopted by a large number of developers, Swift does not intend to stop there. And for proof, the language is now usable in BackEnd thanks to "Vapor Swift". The execution of Swift being comparable to other technologies like NodeJS, the language pulls out of the game on all levels. Being already very comprehensive, the Swift language allows the development of a good number of applications. However, it is difficult to imagine this language completely dethroning Objective C for the moment. And what good is it? There is no problem today to find Swift code next to Objective C code.


Android Application Development

The goal of any business is to generate income. Every business leader must compete in ingenuity to capture the attention of more potential customers. And with the evolution of the Android development platform, these business leaders have found an even greater opportunity in the creation of mobile applications. At the same time, the Android application market is growing day by day, offering even more possibilities for free and non-publicity advertising to commercial companies. Even if other platforms also hold their own like Apple or Windows Mobile, Android is by far the best for businesses for several reasons.


  • Java
  • Android Studio
  • Android TV
  • Android Wear
  • Kotlin
  • Material Design
  • Custom-embedded Android ROM
  • Chromecast

Mobile Backend Engineering

Unlike the Front, the Back-end concerns the invisible part of a program. This is all the data relating to the use of the latter. In the context of a mobile application, it will be data relating to the latter. The Backend has three elements:

  • The server that hosts the program.
  • The database relating to a site or the app (customer file, product sheets, etc.).
  • The back office which allows you to administer the entire solution.

The developer in charge works behind the scenes. Unlike many tasks, those he performs are administrative and management and do not appear to the eyes of mobile users. However, without this developer work, the app would be just a simple empty shell that would be impossible to use.

This tool is also used for marketing. If the developer has decided to display certain data in the back office, he can analyze the relevance of a campaign. Depending on the results collected, it is easier to cross-check the information and analyze the effectiveness of the actions carried out.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • SAP Data Services

QA and Testing

Today's mobile applications are increasingly complex, often operating in multi-layer and multi-platform environments, and built in fast and agile conditions, with ambitious requirements. In this complex scenario, mobile apps quality assurance and testing become even more critical as a means of improving quality and minimizing risk, meeting market demands and the needs of the business. AppStudio offers a robust and comprehensive mobile app quality assurance and testing solution that identifies the accuracy, completeness, and quality level of products. AppStudio helps organizations improve their productivity by accelerating time to market and by marketing software products that meet customer expectations in terms of quality and user experience, while achieving significant savings.

Your Idea’s into Products

If you have got an idea and are not sure how to implement it, AppStudio can help you out. We have managed to provide unique products and solutions to different startups that are now achieving new milestones with every passing year. We conduct meetings, comprehend idea and then draw a roadmap that provide our clients with confidence and satisfaction.


The design of a mobile strategy is critical for the company, given that this type of strategy should not only be applied in a highly competitive environment but should be constantly updated. Through combining consumer habits and product knowledge, Appstudio develops and refines a mobile strategy for you.

UX Design

Here at Appstudio, we focus on design prowess and excellence. Our design teams are always accessible to our customers as we believe the concept of having a mobile app fails without an efficient design and usability.


Mobile apps are usually business-oriented tools that are not only aimed at improving performance, but also at increasing revenue. The application of these methods generally requires specialized skills and knowledge unique to each sector or business type. Appstudio excels in it, happily.


We emphasizes on the quality assurance of our mobile apps. Before going for a final launch of the product, we perform certain tests that assure that the product is glitch free and up to the mark.


AppStudio provides every assistance possible while launching a mobile app. We not only guide you through the whole process but also make sure that the whole process is easy and comprehendible.


We are open 24/7 and are working for you exclusively. Through AppStudio, you are assuring that your plan is allocated a dedicated team and they work for you alone.

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