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App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

It is considered one of our premium apps, together with Swift coding, primary UI design concepts, integration of iOS content, and prototyping. There's absolute confidence that Apple is supplying luxury, and we are also making sure our iOS-based products offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system that most producers are using. From the wealthy to a commonplace man, thanks to price range phones, everybody has got entry to the internet and smartphones. We ensure our Android apps are available, providing complete usability.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Depending on which method you use to create your app, you should not forget to create clear structures so that your app can work properly in the end. However, if you encounter technical difficulties, take a look at your wireframe again and think about what you could do differently.

QA and Testing

To make sure your app is working properly, you should do more than two tests. There are some great platforms for doing these tests. These platforms will help you optimize the result of your app. Android makes this work easier for you, while iOS takes a more controlled approach. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately you have to squeeze yourself through this step to get your app to market.

Native Applications

These apps are developed with the help of tools and languages that are supported by appropriate platforms (XCode and Objective C for iOS apps, Eclipse, Android Studio and Java for Android, Visual Studio and C # for Windows). Native apps only run on the target platforms.

Hybrid App Development

As the name suggests, such apps are a combination of the two "pure" forms and an attempt to combine the better of two worlds. Hybrid apps are based on web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, but run in a webview container, are packaged as native apps and can, therefore, access native APIs and functions from the operating system.

iOS Application Development

The development of native Apple iOS - Apps is more of an obstacle course than a walk in the park. Several prerequisites are necessary to successfully build iOS apps: Developers must master Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) and write their program code using either the Swift programming language or Objective-C. They need to understand the basic abstraction layers that define iOS, and they need to know how the app files are bundled. To start an app successfully, an effective user interface (UI) must also be built that improves the user experience (UX) at all levels. The Apple tool includes all the features developers need to design, build, and debug an iOS app. You can also use it to build applications for Mac OS X or macOS, the Apple Watch (watchOS) and Apple TV (tvOS). Xcode provides the editors and functions necessary to work with the code and the interface elements, as well as organize the files that make up the app, and it contains templates for the development of the common app types.

Technology Stack


For macOS or iOS, the best option is to do it in Swift. The most used programming languages are over 20 years old. But that which at first sight can be considered a disadvantage is a great advantage. Why? Because it is a language adapted to the needs we currently have.

Objective C

Objective-C is much less compromising with errors, has a complicated syntax and also offers certain concepts that are complex for programmers that come from other languages. However, the main libraries for iOS are written with Objective-C.

React Native

React Native is one of the most fashionable technologies at the moment. When developing an app in React Native, the code we write is the same for the Android and iOS versions. However, if not handled well, it could ruin the whole development process.


The strength of flutter is that it has a single codebase which can be utilized to build apps for mobile, web and even desktop. It’s an open source platform while it’s a primary method to create apps for fuchsia.


Xcode is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Apple that can be used to develop applications in several languages. Specifically and among others, it allows the creation of apps for iOS mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod, something that we are expert at Appstudio.


Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and execute it on any device.

Android Application Development

In-depth knowledge of Android files, Java, Eclipse, tools, icons or emulators remains an unsolvable puzzle for many convinced Android app users. Countless Android apps and foreign words in the online sky of the digital universe make independent, sophisticated programming difficult. Laypeople lack the basics of programming languages and Internet applications. Time is money. Professional support for your project saves you time and money. We develop professional applications for companies that support in-house marketing and appeal to a large group of customers. The aim is to optimize processes and develop content aimed at the target group. Analyzes of mobile user behavior and market observations form an important basis for sustainable coding. A good concept and correct programming of Android apps are the basic requirements for a successful product. Most apps are available for download at a small price in the app stores. With Java, native apps are applications specially developed for Android. They contain features to determine the location and allow easy access to contact details. Sophisticated functions of cell phones such as gesture recognition or text-to-speech make it possible to continuously develop a top performance that is continuously updated.

Technology Stack

Android Studio

Android Studio is set of tools for the rapid creation of applications in Android. The interesting thing about Android Studio is that it automates some functions so that developers can concentrate on the purest design of a native application.


The strength of flutter is that it has a single codebase which can be utilized to build apps for mobile, web and even desktop. It’s an open source platform while it’s a primary method to create apps for fuchsia.

Material Design

Material Design is an Android-oriented design language created by Google, supporting onscreen touch experiences via cue-rich features and natural motions that mimic real-world objects. Designers optimize users' experience with 3D effects, realistic lighting and animation features in immersive, platform-consistent GUIs.

Android Kit

SDK is the acronym for “Software Development Kit”. The SDK brings together a group of tools that allow the programming of mobile applications.


Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and execute it on any device.


Kotlin is a statically typed programming language, that is, it is the virtual machine that infers the type to the variables and, therefore, does not have to be specified. It is a language that runs under the Java Virtual Machine, so it has the same performance as Java, without penalizing this aspect at any time.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Mobile Backend as a Service (Mobile BaaS or MBaaS) is a cloud computing architecture that gives mobile applications access to servers, storage systems, databases and other resources that they need to operate. As an alternative to mobile middleware, Backend as a Service (BaaS) uses unified APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits) to connect the mobile applications with the backend resources of the cloud. MBaaS can also be used to connect backend services and provide common backend features such as push notifications, social networks, and location services. This is a departure from the typical development of mobile applications, in which developers were forced to integrate the API of each backend service individually.

Technology Stack

Python DJango

It is a highly recommended web system that energizes quick improvement and spotless and sophisticated structure. It is the only framework that “by default” comes with an active management system, ready to be used without any configuration


Powerful empires have been made with PHP, such as Yahoo and Facebook. PHP is a well-known open source language, appropriate for web advancement and that can be installed in HTML. It is popular because a large number of web pages and portals can be created with PHP.

Node JS

NodeJS is an open source JavaScript (which is why the JS flag is included) that is designed to generate highly optimized applications. Taking advantage of the V8 engine allows Node to provide a server-side runtime environment that compiles and executes codes at incredible speeds.

QA and Testing

Quality confirmation and persistent testing are the central focuses that make any application fruitful and prominent among customers. The science behind the QA tests is to precisely recognize the nature of the product so as to guarantee that the product fills in true to form to work consistently. By utilizing quality confirmation tests all through the application improvement process, we set aside time and cash after execution. Blunders in corporate application can cause framework power outages, missing information and correspondence disappointments. Here at Appstudio we guarantee that the application will work precisely as it should work. There's no safety buffer.


  • Functional testing
  • Espresso UI testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

Native Applications

We primarily develop in Swift & Java / Kotlin, but also occasionally implement projects with cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin, Flutter & React. Our experience shows that complex apps developed natively bring the user a better user experience. Programming in Swift & Java brings important advantages and deals optimally with the installed operating system functions. Less computational or graphics-intensive projects make sense to implement in Xamarin or React for resource-saving development. If you want an app to reach the highest possible number of users, it can be a strategic decision to develop an app for more than one operating system at the same time.

Hybrid Applications

Do you want an app that is more than just a website in the app-shell and delivers better usability? The solution to the web app dilemma is the hybrid app. It serves the different platforms and does not have to be developed individually for iOS, Android or Windows. The development costs are much lower than with purely native development. A hybrid app cannot be described as a pure native app, nor as a pure web app. It is a fusion of the advantages of both worlds - somehow like a marble cake. Hybrid apps are written with native code and HTML5 elements are added at any point. This creates an ideal mix of native and web-based elements. The native code ensures that the app can access device hardware and takes advantage of the individual platforms. The hybrid app is installed on the end device via the store. If an app should have native properties but should be cheaper to develop, the hybrid app is virtually the blackjack among apps.

Mobile App Development

Apps are small programs (applications) that are developed especially for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. These programs can fall back on all technical requirements of the respective device type for which they were programmed. Apple's iOS and the Android system from Google have become the standard. With these systems, we cover almost 95% of all mobile devices.

Since its inception, AppStudio has been creating wonders in the mobile app market. We have been awarded multiple times due to efficient management and high-quality products. An app can access all the technical components of the end device: display, display touch function, headphone connection (audio output), loudspeaker, microphone, vibration mechanism, GPS sensor for location functions, internet connection, WLAN, camera. So there are a lot of possibilities and new arenas for businesses with mobile apps development.

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