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Our Key Features

Client Centric Development

We listen to our customers, schedule meetings and then develop products that not only please our customers but also have a vital role to play in their development.

Dedicated Development Team

We allocate dedicated development teams to projects to ensure that the quality is achieved by one team working on just one project.

Data Backups

You shouldn't think about any data loss. We know the data is very relevant and are taking good care of it.

Agile Development

Agile production is essential to achieving efficiency and productivity. We are developing products which are profitable and innovative.

Excellent Support

We are open 24/7. You can contact us by email, by text messages or simply by calling us. We are available anywhere at any time.


Do not need to worry about leaks and security while working with us. Security is our highest priority.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

This is one of our premium mobile products, which includes Swift scripting, easy UI design principles, iOS device integration and prototyping. There is no question that Apple offers comfort, and we are also making sure that our products based on iOS offer the same.

Android App Development

Android is an operating system used by most manufacturers. From the rich to a common man, all have access to the internet thanks to budget phones. We guarantee the functionality of our Android apps, providing full usability.

Mobile Backend Engineering

The back-end developer works on the server-side, behind the scenes, allowing the user to understand his work experience. They use ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, etc. seamlessly and keep in mind the consumer's main idea.

QA and Testing

At AppStudio we also consider the needs and aspirations of our customers. Once we release the software, we not only do QA sessions but also create mid-sessions from scratch to prototype with clients. We review the app several times, since prevention is better than cure.

Native Applications

We know that all kinds of application functionality, sensors, and 100 per cent accuracy are achieved by switching to the native app. Whether it's Java for Android or Swift for iOS, we can manage any application for major platforms and enjoy a wealth of work experience.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are constantly being used in the mobile world today, because of their cost-effectiveness and simplified interface. We have designers at Appstudio who are able to create hybrid applications focused on integrating all the focal points of the customers.

iOS Application Development

In iOS, we'll only create apps for one device type, iPhone. Developers should not adapt each application to different mobile devices on Android or to any platform. We can also always program with the latest software update available, without worrying if that version would help the application. This is one of our premium mobile products, which includes Swift scripting, easy UI design principles, iOS device integration and prototyping. There is no question that Apple offers comfort, and we are also making sure that our products based on iOS offer the same.

Android Application Development

The Android applications run in a Java application framework object-oriented on the core Java libraries in a Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation. The libraries written in C language include an administrator GUI (surface manager), a framework OpenCore a relational database SQLite a programming interface API graphical OpenGL ES 2.0 3D rendering engine WebKit, an engine SGL, SSL, and a standard C Bionic library. Although there are also other options to program apps for Android without resorting to Java and which we already talked about in our blog about programming apps without Java.

Mobile Backend Engineering

From the perspective of a mobile developer, the backend seems to be another world, populated with databases and servers. So not only expected from developers who create beautiful mobile interfaces high performance, but should also be well informed about the network infrastructure such as web servers, database management software, scripting languages server side and much more.

In addition, expect them to be experts in modern cryptography and computing, large data security and data mining, mobile telecommunication networks (mobile applications work on all smartphones connected to a mobile network) and a growing list of technologies additional.

Naturally, it follows that, even to develop a simple mobile application with a back-end, the developer has to master several tools and languages that are outside the scope of common application development. Surely, this situation discourages many of the developers from integrating a back-end of their applications.


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • CouchDB
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SAP Data Services

QA and Testing

When the use of mobile apps in the enterprise segment began a few years ago, poor performance, bugs and longer loading times were accepted. In the meantime, users of mobile apps expect them to work as efficiently as desktop applications. The software test team is responsible for ensuring performance. Quality assurance must adapt traditional standards such as functionality, performance and user-friendliness. There are some challenges that only occur with mobile. This includes, for example, the variety of devices, different operating systems, hardware configurations and interfaces. All of this makes testing complex.

Our App Development Approach

Native App Development

Native apps are stand-alone applications that are programmed in Java, C ++ or Objective C and are permanently installed on a mobile device. The so-called native apps have to be adapted for every mobile operating system (Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile) as well as for the different release levels. This naturally leads to higher development costs. In addition, native applications in sales are controlled by an app store (e.g. Google play or Apple iTunes) through its contract and design guidelines.

Hybrid App Development

Technically speaking, hybrid apps are HTML5-based web apps that are connected with a native container to form a hybrid mobile architecture. The native container will be provided by a technology like PhoneGap. The app created calls the platform-specific browser of the smartphone. The frame and all controls (e.g. menu bar with URL and bookmarks bar of the browser) are suppressed by PhoneGap.

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