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AR Application Development and its Utilizations

Augmented Reality has opened new horizons for the businesses and offer various advantages. For example, you can opt a digital store where people can try products in AR. In short, possibilities are endless. Here are some of the benefits of choosing AR development for your next project:

AR Developers Canada
AR & VR can reduce language barriers
AR Development Companies Canada
Create rich, immersive and interactive user experience
AR Development Canada
Detailed analytics is generated for understanding user behavior
Augmented Reality Developers
Personalized content for user’s particular needs
AR Developers Toronto
Virtual reality applications enhances emotional engagement
AR Development Companies Toronto
Brand awareness gets increased via social shares
AR Development Company Canada
AR and VR help in customer buying decisions
AR Development Company Toronto
Allow readers to truly connect with published content
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Offers greater scope for consumers to engage with campaigns

Our AR Development Services

At Appstudio, we are a specialist development company that deals with high tech technologies like Augmented Reality. We offer offers ingenious, innovative and effective augmented reality solution while our key focus remains to address clients’ expectations. Our developers create AR apps and systems for all the available platforms.

AR Developers Canada
iOS ARkit Development

With iOS, there are multiple development opportunities for businesses. We provide motion capture, multiple face tracking, people occlusion, usage of front and back camera simultaneously and all the other features present in iOS ARkit 3.

AR Development Companies Canada
ARCore Development

Provided by Google, ARCore works seamlessly with Android and provide great AR experiences and possibilities. ARCore can identify environments, and can also assess the median brightness in the region around it. Combining these strengths, ARCore can create its comprehension of the world around it.

AR Development Canada
Location Based AR Development

In simple words, location-based AR development is geo-based and is positioned on a certain map. It has various benefits over others as the developed app can enhance tourism, education, and even health sector of a certain area.

Augmented Reality Developers
Marker Based AR

Marker-based AR is something that uses visual triggers which we call markers to identify the place where we need animations. The marker is a unique 2D object which is recognizable by the device camera. Our developers have developed various such apps that belong to a different genre of businesses.

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Markerless AR

Assume an AR application capable of placing virtual furniture in your living room. This enables you to attempt various object, style and place alternatives. The customer must decide where to position the virtual object for this implementation. This is called "AR without markers."

AR Development Companies Toronto
Web-Based AR

Imagine AR's expertise coupled with rich media screen advertisements ' effectiveness. It is called Augmented Reality Digital Placement (ARDP), allowing consumers to display internet AR interactions without having to install distinct apps on their smartphones.

Get Full Cycle AR/VR Development

From Scratch to Hatch, We offer a Complete AR development At Appstudio, work dedication and enthusiasm are our strengths. We even present design ideas and make sure that the final product matches your needs.

Effective Engagement
  • Understanding the brand
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Unique ideas and thorough discussions
  • Direct conference with developers
  • Periodic project assessment reports
  • Application Performance Tuning
  • CRM & CMS Integration
  • Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Thorough Testing and Publishing
AR programing
  • Machine Learning
  • Third-party solutions integration
  • Scene Rendering
  • Image Recognition
AR Developers Canada
Hire our developers

In this model, we offer you to interview our developers and create a team for your project. You have the total control where you can increase or decrease the size of members by evaluating your own needs. It’s a cost-effective solution.

AR Development Companies Canada
Give us the driving seat

This model is the most productive and provides one of the best AR solutions for your business. You will not only acquire our skills but also our worthy experience. We control the whole process from management, administration to the programming. However, we update the reports daily.

Prime Augmented Reality Developers in Canada

Augmented reality is seeing a lot of amazing stuff going with it right now. From simple accessibility on smartphones today to dedicated devices with fast-accessible AR development apps, it has resulted in an explosion of interesting applications. Augmented reality apps are projected to hit vast amounts of consumers over the coming years.

Most of the more popular AR includes applications that analyze and translate text on the go or take people around their cities chasing animated creatures. AR / VR developers are developing and delivering augmented reality applications, and we build up positive outcomes from our custom specification services that produce excellent market performance.

Abstract of Augmented Reality-

Augmented reality is the technology inhance our physical environment, introducing intangible information layers to it. In comparison to Virtual Reality, AR does not develop the whole digital world to substitute realistic with virtual. AR exists directly in the real environment, incorporating sound, images, and visuals to it.

AR can be projected on different items: cameras, glasses, handheld computers, smartphones, monitors & head-mounted devices. Thus many accessible computers and devices embrace augmented reality. Through smartphones and laptops to accessories such as Google Glass or smartphone applications, all these developments are developing further.

Augmented Reality Device Support-

Smart devices (smartphones and tablets)

The most versatile and better suited for AR web applications are casual games, media to market analytics, sports, and networking sites.

Unique AR apps

These are designed specifically and solely for encounters in augmented reality. Originally developed to train pilots of combat aircraft, these instruments also have applications in the aviation, automobile, engineering, athletics, etc.

AR contact lenses

These are taking AR app development a step forward. Big names such as Samsung and Sony have reported AR lenses. Meanwhile, Samsung operates on lenses as an attachment to devices, while Sony develops lenses as separate AR devices.

Virtual retinal displays

It helps in creating images directly in the human eye by reflecting infrared light. With high contrast and high-resolution pictures, these devices should be rendered for a realistic and better experience.

What we can deliver for AR App-

AppStudio is one of the top augmented reality & iOS developers in Canada, with years of expertise in delivering innovative mobile applications focused on innovations & trends.

As an AR / VR development team, we provide robust Augmented Reality App development services that fulfill your market objectives and specifications inclusive of complexity, region, or niche market.

Our model to meet diverse requirements-

Dedicated Team For a Unique Experience

Working in & as Toronto app developers, We ensure that our client gets a dedicated team who are expert and skilled in dealing with the client's requirements and work exclusively for your project.

Efficient and Effective Working

We partner with customers to identify the planned deliverables and the deadlines for deciding a set price negotiated with them. Use this model if the criteria are unlikely to shift, then you will determine the project timeline.

Our Augmented Reality App Development Process-

Collecting ideas & requirements

To ensure prompt deployment of AR app development for our clients, we adopt a flexible mobile app development cycle. Once receiving the project specifications, our experts analyze the requirements and email the proposal within 24 hours.

Setting timelines & cost incurred.

Our experts recommend you the right interaction model depending on the project, projected deadlines, and project implementation costs.

Execution & Delivery

As per the interaction model, the project is assigned to an experienced team, and our project manager executes the project as per time frame after extensive quality review.

Our Team Commitment-

Whether opting for the flexible development of a single project and a whole portfolio of project implementation for design, AppStudio, as one of the leading augmented reality app development companies, will generate significant results from our customized service providers that produce outstanding market performance.

Find the best-customized user experience-

AppStudio is a mobile AR app developer & industry leader that delivers creative and entertaining AR apps. We have veteran app developers providing solutions, innovative templates for mobile apps & responsive design of apps. Our seasoned team of developers from Ios, iOS, flutter, AR & VR cordially offer apps and solutions according to the specific configuration of the software concerned with different categories.

Frequently Asked Questions-

1.Introduce some major advantages of AR/VR technology for businesses?

Here are some of the major advantages of AR/VR technology for business-

(i) Highly enhanced user experience

(ii) Developed perspective and insights

(iii) Reduction in marketing cost

(iv) Efficient supply chain management & tracking

2.How much cost is incurred in an augmented reality project?

This relies on the project's design and specifications. First, our unit interacts with the client and identifies the needs. Costs differ according to application type. A feature-rich framework would cost more than simply an AR application. For better understanding, let us discuss your project with our team to receive customized details.

3.Are AR and VR different?

AR and VR are totally different. Augmented Reality ( AR) is a combination of the interactive environment and the actual components for establishing an artificial environment. Apps that are built with smartphone or desktop AR technologies to blend digital elements into the real world. Virtual Reality ( VR) is a representation of an alternative world or reality, generated by computers. It is used in video-games and 3D film.

What are the industries getting benefitted from AR?

Some of the common names to take who get benefit from AR are-

(i) Healthcare

(ii) Retail & Ecommerce

(iii) Banking and finance

(iv) Media and entertainment

(v) Travel & tourism

(vi) Education

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