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In today’s era, Hadoop will be considered a skill that data scientists & Big Data Technologies should learn. However, fortune companies are investing heavily in it, and it will be a skill in demand in the future. Read the blog to understand Hadoop features and applications are.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop defines a software utility that uses a network of multiple computers to solve problems involving computation and large amounts of data; this data can be structured or unstructured.

Hence, it provides more flexibility to the process, manages data, collects, and analyzes. As per a Hadoop development services provider, it has an open-source distributed framework for distributed storage, management, and processing of big data applications in scalable groups of computer servers.

What Are The Features of Hadoop?

Features of Hadoop

Here, in this section, we will disclose the top features of Hadoop. It consists of cost-effective, open source, distributed data etc. Let’s have a look:

1. Cost Effective: Hadoop requires no unique or effective hardware to implement. It implements on simple hardware known as community hardware.

2. Large Cluster Nodes: Clusters can consist of 100 or 1000 nodes. The benefit of having a large cluster is, it offers clients more computing power and large storage systems.

3. Parallel Processing: Data can be processed simultaneously in all clusters, saving a lot of time. Also, the traditional system cannot do this task.

4. Distributed Data: The Hadoop framework takes care of splitting and distributing data to all cluster nodes. This replicates the data across all clusters.

5. Automatic Failover Management: Suppose if one of the nodes in the cluster fails, the Hadoop framework will replace the failure machine with a new device. The replication settings from the old machine are transferred to the new machine automatically. Admin does not need to worry.

6. Optimization of Data Locality: Suppose a programmer needs a data node from a database located in a different location. The programmer will send one byte of code to the database. This will save bandwidth and time.

7. Heterogeneous Clusters: These have different nodes that support different machines with other versions. IBM machines extensively support Red hat Linux.

8. Scalability: Add or remove nodes and add or remove hardware components to or from the cluster. The big data app development agency stated that one could perform this task without disrupting cluster operations. RAM or Hard Drive can be added or removed from the cluster.

9. Open Source: It is an open-source Java-based programming framework. Moreover, open source means it’s freely available, and we can even change the source code according to your needs.

10. Easy to Use: No need for a client to deal with distributed computing. Also, the framework takes care of everything. So easy to use.

What Are The Applications of Hadoop?

Geographical Data

When we buy products from an e-commerce website, the website will track the user’s location, predict customer purchases using smartphones, tablets. However, the Hadoop cluster will help to find out businesses in geographic locations. This will allow the industry to display business charts in each area.

Financial Industry

The Financial Industry and Financial Companies will assess financial risk, market value, and build models that will provide better returns to customers and industries in terms of investments such as stock market, FD, etc. Understand the trading algorithm. Moreover, Hadoop will run the build model.

Retail Industry

Retailers will use existing customer data in a structured and unstructured format to understand, analyze data. This will help users to understand customer requirements and serve them with better benefits and better service.

Website Tracking

Suppose you have developed a website, and are required to know about visitor details. Hadoop will capture a large amount of data on this. It will provide information about the visitor’s location, which pages are first and most, how much time was spent on the website and on which pages, the number of times the visitor visited the page, what the visitor liked the most. It will provide predictive analysis of visitor interest, and website performance will predict what users will be interested in. Hadoop accepts data in several formats from various sources.

Digital Marketing

We are in the 20s, and everyone connects digitally. Information reaches the user via cell phone or laptop, and people know every detail about news, products, etc. Hadoop will store massive data analysis generated online and provide the results to digital marketing companies. If you wish to hire a leading digital marketing agency, you can connect with us.

Healthcare Industry

Hadoop can store large amounts of data. Medical data comes in an unstructured format. However, it will help the doctor for a better diagnosis. Hadoop will keep the patient’s medical history for more than 1 year and analyze the disease’s symptoms.

Final Words

In conclusion, we can say that Hadoop is an open-source framework. Hadoop is well known for its fault tolerance and high availability features. The Hadoop cluster is scalable. Moreover, the Hadoop framework is easy to use.

This ensures fast data processing due to distributed processing. Hadoop is cost-effective. Also, Hadoop’s data locality feature reduces system bandwidth usage. However, our team at Appstudio with dedicated Hadoop developers provide an excellent application development solution. 

Thus, we are a leading app development agency in Canada and serving clients worldwide. If you still don’t know Hadoop’s features and applications, so get in touch with us. Our Hadoop developers will help you.


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