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Php ( Hypertext Pre-processor )

Clunky, absurd and antediluvian front end development leads to decreased usability and results in frustrated customers which is never good for the business. Fortunately, Appstudio got you covered here. We have an exceptional team of developers that are expert in Php development and its integration in HTML based websites.

If you want to get benefit from this revolutionary open-source scripting language, get in touch with us. We not only customize web development but also integrate modern digital solutions accordingly.

What makes Php best for your Web App?

  • Unmatched functionality
  • PHP is extendible
  • Compatible with IIS and APACHE
  • Low development and maintenance cost
  • High performance and reliability
  • Fast and Secure
Hire PHP Developers Toronto

What We Do ?

Hire PHP Developers Toronto

PHP E-commerce Services

We are not only about Custom PHP Website Development in Canada. Our E-commerce app development team masters in developing a robust and feature-rich online storefront that fits your brand and business standards.

 Hire PHP Developers Canada

System Integration

Our developers excel in system integration. We bring all of your developed systems under one main umbrella to provide certainty and reliability.

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API Development & Integration

Appstudio has championed the Application programming interface. We have dedicated teams to handle development and its integration simultaneously.

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PHP CRM and CMS Solution

With our offshore PHP web developer, you can get unmatched, powerful, robust, and dynamic, PHP based CRM solutions. We provide CMS Development Services to help you expand your core business framework to meet your business-critical requirements.

 PHP Developers Toronto

PHP Migration Services

AppStudio, as the best PHP web development company, understands the importance of migrating to a better framework. And because of that, we provide a migration service that will take care of all your migration costs and make it easy.

 PHP Developers Canada

Social Networking Solution

Are you looking to expand your business worldwide and reach millions of potential customers? Hire a PHP Programmer who will design social networking solutions to break geographic boundaries with excellent UX / UI Solutions.

Tech stack

The technological stack is the various pillars on which a technological product is based. In general, this means the frontend, the backend and the database. With PHP you can develop sites and applications of all kinds. PHP is the engine in addition to the most popular CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, among many others. In PHP we also find powerful and widely used frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony.

One of the advantages of PHP is its ease of use. However, that same advantage can also be an inconvenience, because if you do not have the proper training it is easy to fall into bad practices. Appstudio has been developing and integrating Php based web pages and apps since its inception. We truly mean business.

Hire PHP Developers Toronto

Web Frameworks

 Hire PHP Developers Canada

CMS and e-Commerce

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 Contract Backend Developers Toronto


Industries we serve

Our developers think outside the box and create sophisticated websites and web applications that meet a variety of client needs. We take full advantage of PHP technology and help clients find the best solutions. Being a reliable company and agency, we build effective and efficient websites and portals using the latest tools and techniques. The industries we are serving include:

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Healthcare Industry
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Fitness & Health
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On-Demand Service
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Beauty & Fashion
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Enterprises Applications
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Entertainment program
Software development agencies
Retail & E-commerce
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Social Network
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Government Services
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Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, PHP and the Web development revolution have emerged as one of the essential elements. Patients, as well as health care professionals, have shown enthusiasm for web development. Our highly competent team uses the best PHP development technology to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It will be a revolutionary web portal in emergencies for patients. Also, the intuitive and attractive user interface will attract more patients to connect with their doctors anytime and anywhere without any problems.

Our Work

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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