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Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that seeks to develop techniques that allow machines to learn automatically. While Artificial Intelligence is based on machine programming, machine learning adds this information to later analyze the data, detect patterns and be able to predict the situation. Current examples of machine learning can be current search engines, face detection, facial or voice recognition, autonomous vehicles, etc. Currently, a high percentage of companies are investing in machine learning and hiring specialized personnel. The trend is that more and more organizations will join the wave of machine learning to achieve their commercial and security objectives. Machine learning allows machines to solve complex problems even when a very diverse, unstructured and interconnected data set is used.

Machine learning and AI are often mentioned in the same conversations, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they don't mean the same. An important aspect to note is that although all machine learning is AI, not all AI is machine learning. On many occasions, the field of machine learning action overlaps that of Data Mining, since the two disciplines are focused on data analysis, however, machine learning focuses more on the study of the computational complexity of problems to make them feasible from a practical point of view, not only theoretical.

Types of knowledge

In machine learning we can obtain 3 types of knowledge which are:


It is the one that is acquired from what surrounds us, which keeps the information in memory as if it left traces.


When interpreting the knowledge, the individual reasons and generates new knowledge which is called restructuring.


It is the one obtained by generalizing several concepts or generating their own. All three types are carried out during a machine learning process but the importance of each type of knowledge depends on the characteristics of what you are trying to learn. Learning is more than a necessity, it is a primary factor in meeting the needs of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning has a wide range of applications, but to what extent is the new business models changing? The answer, in broad strokes, seems obvious. Given a large amount of data that is generated, it is key, beyond its mere collection, to implement programs that, based on the analysis of said data, learn and improve automatically. This technology can be basic to help companies optimize their workflow and results.

In the publishing sector, the new environments for the discovery and consumption of content allow its promoters to gather all kinds of information about the readers: what they read, where, how ... The difficulty lies in analyzing all these data to get a real match. Thanks to machine learning this will be possible and publishers, booksellers, librarians, and other agents in the sector will have a more detailed and in-depth knowledge of the readers.

This fact, presumably, will result in greater success of the marketing strategy and, consequently, in the improvement of sales figures. And this statement is not random: there is already data on how companies that use machine learning are improving their sales.

Application of ML

Today, machine learning works all around us. When we interact with banks, buy online or use social networks, machine learning algorithms come into play to make our experience efficient, smooth and secure. Machine learning and the technology around them develop rapidly, and we are just beginning to know the surface of their capabilities. Also, machine learning is used in many systems, daily. For example, real-time translation, also known as "automatic translation", face or face recognition software, bank fraud detection systems, programs to learn to play chess, websites, spam detection, speech recognition systems, etc.

In short, machine learning is the ability of a computer to learn without having been programmed. This artificial intelligence neuron makes it possible to make correlations between variables, classify large amounts of data and detect differences and errors between them. Nowadays it is used in countless systems and has even surpassed, on certain occasions, human learning.

Scope of Machine Learning

Sectors such as online shopping - have not you ever wondered how you decide instantly the recommended products for each customer at the end of a purchase process? -, online advertising - where to place an ad so that it has more visibility depending on the user who visits the web - or anti-spam filters have been taking advantage of these technologies for some time.

The practical field of application depends on the imagination and the data that are available in the company. These are some more examples:

  • Detect transaction fraud.
  • Predict failures in technological equipment.
  • Anticipate which employees will be more profitable next year (the Human Resources sector is betting heavily on Machine Learning).
  • Select potential customers based on social media behaviors, interactions on the web...
  • Predict urban traffic.
  • Know the best time to post tweets, Facebook updates or send the newsletter.
  • Make medical pre-diagnostics based on patient symptoms.
  • Change the behavior of a mobile app to adapt to the customs and needs of each user.
  • Detect intrusions in a data communications network.
  • Decide the best time to call a customer.

Start your Project

The technology is there. The data too. Why wait to try something that can be an open door to new ways of making decisions based on data? Surely you have heard that data is the oil of the future. Now you can start pumping it.

Here at Appstudio we have a specialized team of developers who not only excel in their job but also have experience of handling corporate clients. Our motive here is to present easy and secure business solutions to all those who trust in us and know our motivation and determination. Feel free to contact us to start your dream project based on machine learning.

Appstudio is not a company having developers who do a little design or designers who do a little development. We are one of the few companies that can merge technology and creativity, and that is reflected in our work. Machine learning is a smart technology which is much difficult to master as it’s even reported on Forbes. However, fortunately, Appstudio has got what it takes to lead your project to success. Machine learning also benefits from the proliferation of AI as a service, which has given smaller organizations access to AI technology and, specifically, the AI algorithms necessary for machine learning without a large initial investment. Furthermore, if you have any confusion regarding the overall process, do contact us and make an informed decision.

How Machine Learning can help you ?

Machine Learning Developers Canada


  • Lower your expenditures by cutting design cost and using simulators.
  • Improved industrial planning and control (facilitates real-time surveillance of store floors, quicker resolution of faults and low reserves).
  • Guaranteed reduced manufacturing costs because of lower labor cost (Robotic-driven assembly lines is an ongoing trend)
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Traveling & Hospitality

  • Revamped and refined service standard (robots handling customer service)
  • Round the clock service by having chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Data analytics for customized services and solutions
  • Administration by voice control systems
 Machine Learning Development Canada


  • Supermarkets having no queued counters
  • Personal online offers and discounted deals
  • On time delivery (using drones) and efficient logistics
  • Time to time analysis to provide cost-effective inventory
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Financial Services

  • Safeguard against frauds and predictive analysis
  • Trading bots for enhanced earnings
  • Assessment of credit risk for loans
  • Asset management (using forecast based on data)
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Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Smarter telehealth and diagnosis
  • Impactful custom therapy (preventing dosage error)
  • Management of virtual paramedics
  • Robot-assisted operations
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Energy, Feedstock & Utilities

  • Predictions for green energy
  • Advancement in handling demands
  • Optimal generation of energy (automatic fuel supply)
  • Power failure prognosis and quicker response

Our Machine Learning Development Expertise

Machine Learning Developers Canada

Image Analysis

Generally, in the field of subject matter, automated image analysis refers to a quantitative digital evaluation of the image of a microstructure. It’s the evaluation of metallographic characteristics such as grain size, inclusions, layers and phases and other constituents.

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Predictive Analysis

It uses historical data to anticipate and foretell future events. Predictive analysis has received a lot of attention in recent years due to advances in the technology that supports it, especially in the areas of big data and machine learning.

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A well-designed chatbot can be incredibly important to promote the company's client interaction. Our built chatbots are flexible and adaptable, offering fresh horizons for enterprises while strengthening customer service.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning, known as deep neural networks, is an aspect of AI that emulates the learning that humans use to obtain certain knowledge. What is achieved with deep learning is that the system has less and less margin for error. You can check out our contributions in this sector.

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Speech and Audio

Processing of speech and audio has vast effects in the areas of music, health and education. We have been working on active noise cancellation and digital assistants since inception. We also create technologies to assist therapists in speech treatments.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the discipline that studies how to process, analyze and interpret images automatically. These techniques have applications in many areas, such as safety, medicine, automatic inspection, or automatic navigation.

Our Machine Learning Development Process

As a company we believe in complete project transparency and smooth communication. Our innovative strategies allow us to deliver best of Machine Learning.


Our in-house developers will be at your service

  • We always match your project requirements with the skills of our team members.
  • We welcome you to interview developers to be mentally satisfied and informed.
  • You can explore the estimates and tasks (ETA) by having timely discussion.

You will have the feeling as our developers are your employees

  • Specialized developers of Machine Learning are accessible whenever you need it.
  • Our developers handle one project at a time.
  • Get validation code and the updated report sheet daily.

We offer the same team for your future projects to ensure efficiency.

  • You can always allot one or collection of projects to your team.
  • Take decisions according to the market by extending or reducing team size.
  • Build team members and create different positions between them.

Technology Stack For Machine Learning Development

Machine Learning Developers Canada

IBM Watson

Named after IBM’s first CEO, Thomas J. Watson, the company is fueled by the most recent advancements in AI. Watson is the open, multi-cloud stage that gives you a chance to robotize the AI lifecycle.

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Machine learning has been made easier by TensorFlow. Having an ecosystem that help developers and consumers both. TensorFlow gives you the adaptability and control with highlights like the Keras Functional API and Model Subclassing API for making of complex topologies.

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MLlib is created as a feature of the Apache Spark venture. It accordingly gets tried and refreshed with each Spark update. Talking about Big data ecosystem, there is no such program like Spark that gives you utility as well as the required speed and performance.

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No doubt there are numerous deep learning platforms available in our age. However, there is no comparison to Keras which excels in providing developers with open source neural library.

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Mahout is an open source venture that is utilized for making versatile AI calculations. The calculations of Mahout are composed over Hadoop, so it functions admirably in circulated condition. It utilizes the Hadoop library to scale adequately in the cloud.

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Deeplearning4j is a profound picking up programming library composed for Java and the Java virtual machine. It provides a figuring system with wide help for profound learning calculations. No doubt, it’s a modern and one of the swift tool for ML.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a distributed computing administration made by Microsoft for structure, testing, conveying, and overseeing applications and administrations through Microsoft-oversaw servers.

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PyTorch is a Python-based logical registering bundle that uses the intensity of designs handling units. It is likewise one of the favored profound learning research stages worked to give most extreme adaptability and speed.

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H2O.ai is situated in Mountain View, California and offers a suite of Machine Learning stages. H2O’s center quality is its high-performing ML parts, which are firmly incorporated with swiftness and usability.

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DMTK is a parameter server system for preparing AI models with a lot of information on a group of machines. It deals with information stockpiling and activity, between procedure and between string correspondences.

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