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Technology Stack

Some platforms give us more benefits than others when creating mobile apps. Although it may seem a lie, iOS has been on the market for longer than the Google platform, Android. That is an advantage when programming since, having more time in the market, its frameworks and APIs have been able to evolve and adapt more to current demand. Here at Appstudio, we have a dedicated team of developers who have expertise working with Cupertino based software. Furthermore, we make sure that the client’s idea is well integrated and the final product comes after thorough testing.

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For macOS or iOS, the best option is to do it in Swift. The most used programming languages are over 20 years old. But that which at first sight can be considered a disadvantage is a great advantage. Why? Because it is a language adapted to the needs we currently have.

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Objective C

Objective-C is much less compromising with errors, has a complicated syntax and also offers certain concepts that are complex for programmers that come from other languages. However, the main libraries for iOS are written with Objective-C.

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React Native

React Native is one of the most fashionable technologies at the moment. When developing an app in React Native, the code we write is the same for the Android and iOS versions. However, if not handled well, it could ruin the whole development process.

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The strength of flutter is that it has a single codebase which can be utilized to build apps for mobile, web and even desktop. It’s an open source platform while it’s a primary method to create apps for fuchsia.

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Xcode is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Apple that can be used to develop applications in several languages. Specifically and among others, it allows the creation of apps for iOS mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or iPod, something that we are expert at Appstudio.

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Java is an object-oriented programming language created in 1991 and published in 1995 by Sun Microsystem (acquired by Oracle in 2010), with the intention that programmers write the code only once and execute it on any device.

Not Restricted to iPhones, Unrelenting Always

Our journey started with iOS apps when the first iPhone launched and we have hit remarkable milestones since. We now have the expertise to work with every OS created by Apple.

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Apple Watch

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Apple TV

Innovation and Custom Built iOS

We develop professional apps (mobile applications) for companies or startups trying to maximize their earnings. That is the reason, we rely heavily on innovation and customization instead of just going for a template. Our management and developers get in touch with the clients and comprehend little details. Appstudio integrates your project with a mobile app that helps create new business opportunities.

iPhone App Development Services

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UI/UX Design

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Hybrid App Development

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Widget Development

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Native App Development

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Support & Maintenance

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Our iPhone App Development Approach

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Native App Development

Native apps are built for specific platforms and are written in the languages the platform accepts (for example, Swift and Objective-C are common languages for iOS apps and Java or Kotlin are common for Android apps). Native apps are fast and responsive, distributed in app stores, offer intuitive user input and output, and don’t require an internet connection. Overall, native apps offer a better user experience but are more expensive to develop than other options.

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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are essentially a combination of native and web apps. A hybrid app consists of two parts: the first is the back-end code, and the second is a native shell that is downloadable and loads the code using a webview. Hybrid apps are less expensive than native apps, don’t require a browser, and can leverage device APIs; however, they’re slower than native apps and are not customizable to individual platforms like native apps.

Futuristic Android App Development

Mobile apps expect to produce $190 billion in revenue from app stores and in-app ads by 2020. Furthermore, company mobility expects to be worth $510 billion by 2022. As the top mobile app development agency for enterprise-level organizations, Appstudio is renowned for establishing android app developers with vast knowledge and experience in delivering high-performance, feature-packed, and digitally disruptive mobile experiences.

We can develop robust, highly configurable, and stable enterprise-grade native mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile development agency team aims not only to make your concept of an app a reality but also to help your company attract more consumers, operate more effectively, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Robust App Development Business Solutions:

Appstudio delivers Android app development services popular for enhancing the development plan, enhancing viable solutions, designing smooth experience, and creating apps that add users' lives.

Our full-cycle customized android application development method has helped us get embedded into the Android world. And we've discussed all sorts of solutions — mobile phones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV.

Android is the best option for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses, and our AR developers ensure that it is completely capable of supporting existing companies and their global app creation objectives.

Why go for Appstudio App Development Services:

Appstudio provides custom Android & iOS developers services that use groundbreaking technology to take companies to the next level. Our well-defined and scalable processes balance between value, time, and efficiency, along with consistent communication.

Established as the industry's leading mobile android app developers, AppStudio delivers high - quality solutions. Our mobile app solutions include pace, better customer experience, revenue maximization, and skyscraper productivity. This is because we are an all-around mobile app development company providing all-inclusive services.

Choose Us For Prominent Industry-based Solutions:

Appstudio is an established, reputable, and award-winning mobile android app development services company that maintains top staff expertise for mobile app developers and has represented a range of enterprise-level entities, assisting them to achieve success in the smartphone industry.

The mobile experiences we create are majorly known to be stable, flexible, and reliable while at the same time, being high-performing and functionality packed. We are highly renowned in the industry for our timely delivery, openness, and ethical practices.

Industries We Have Our Hands-on:

Healthcare: Our mobile app VR developers have expertise in creating m-health apps that will give you access to health care and fewer diagnostic delays.

Retail & eCommerce: Get mCommerce apps developed by our android app development Canada teams that have an intuitive UI and user-friendly UX.

Travel and Tourism: We have extensive experience in delivering web-based and mobile travel and tourism applications to satisfy your unique needs.

Education and eLearning: eLearning apps developed by our competent mobile app development team include user-friendly interface and personalized features.

Banking and investment: Our expert software development team of expert developers has expertise in developing digital banking and finance solutions that understand integrity and privacy.

Logistics and transport: We have a highly recommendable app development team to build logistics and transport solutions that help you maintain your global fleet business.

Communications and entertainment: Our expert app developers team is designing media and entertainment applications that will improve your brand awareness and revenues.

Publishing & Release: Our product development company has enabled hundreds of advertisements and advertising agencies to have their mobile applications to run and streamline business processes.

Automobile industry: Our entire software development team has years of experience and can create automotive applications that will expand your customer base and provide interactive exposure to your company.

Appstudio Development Process For User-friendly Apps:


At the outset, our mobile app development team & flutter developers identifies the project's objectives, performs specifications, in-depth review and evaluation to provide full documentation, and prepares a roadmap for the design of the mobile app project.


With packed-stack mobile app development experience, industry-specific expertise, and architecture skills, Appstudio customizes android app development services to meet every company's unique needs.


To ensure reliability after delivering the mobile app, we provide full maintenance and support services for the mobile app. It comprises support for mobile applications created by Appstudio, update & improvement, performance monitoring & security testing, OS and server transition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Appstudio for android App Development?

Our UX/UI developers are well acquainted in a number of technological fields. The fusion of professionalism, commitment and expertise makes our developers acquainted with cutting-edge technology and growth. Take a look at some of the advantages of recruiting android app developers:

Committed and trained developers

Function for agile approaches

Provide the guaranteed trust of the brand

Can you Create Android and iOS Apps?

Yes. The range of applications we develop to support either or both Android and iOS mobile platforms. We're developing apps to function across mobile and web devices, so we're integrating the system architecture, including React Native and React, that helps us quickly back up both platforms.

What are the safety measures you're taking to keep my mobile app idea safe?

We will conclude a strict non-disclosure agreement with you to guarantee the security of your smartphone app concept.

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