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Cross Platform

AppStudio builds games that are good for every platform. By opting cross-platform games not only you secure more revenue but it’s also cost-effective. Our designers and developers excel in developing games that are glitches free and modern at the same time.

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Social Sharing

This era belongs to social media where everyone wants to share routine and happening on social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. AppStudio makes sure that games integrate social buttons and the whole process of sharing remains hassle-free.

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In-App Purchase

In-App Purchases allow an owner to grab more revenue from existing games. Moreover, it also makes the game vast and interesting. While having In-App Purchases, clients’ not only just rely on the payments from game downloads. It also provides a sweet strategy to give free games and charging users after some time.

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Ads Integration

This is no secret that the most popular games are always a free download while the owners get profit through the display of ads. AppStudio team makes sure that the ads never get nuisance and integrate them nicely in the design.

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Push Notification

Like texts, push messages are delivered directly to users' phones when they have installed an application. But, unlike plain texts, they have a wide range of customization options that can increase user participation and interaction.

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Visual Appeal

No game is worthy unless its visual appeal is up to the mark and tremendous. AppStudio builds games that have high definition graphics and layout while it never occupies much of the internal storage. This strategy has enabled us to cater to users having a high end to budget smartphones.

Technology Stack For Game Development

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Unity 3D

Unity3D. It is a 3D graphic engine for PC and Mac that comes packaged as a tool to create games, interactive applications, visualizations and animations in 3D and real-time. Unity can publish content for multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, Flash (Up to version 4), Xbox, PS2 / 3/4, Android, PS Vita and iPhone. The engine can also publish web-based games using the Unity web player plugin.

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Cocos2D-X is a cross-platform framework that maintains the structure of the original API (Application Programming Interface) and in turn allows other programming languages such as C ++, Lua, Javascript, and C # to be used. This framework allows the creation of games on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and extends support for mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and stationary platforms (win32, Linux, Windows 8, Mac OS X).

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Vuforia is a platform for developers to easily integrate augmented reality technologies into their applications so that anyone can use it for a thousand and one purposes. The real-world recognition that Vuforia does focuses, fundamentally, on the camera of our smartphone. That way any developer can integrate the real world with their information and use this technology to, for example, show an imaginary animal when we point to a card with a two-dimensional code with the camera of our smartphone.

Why Us ?

We are game enthusiasts, our team includes one of the best gamers that enable us to know the perception of the users. We always remain one step ahead of our competitors as we integrate the best available technologies thanks to our skilled developers and designers. We create games for every possible platform and device.

  • Top-notch, glitches free development
  • Gameplay that is engrossing and thrilling
  • Excellent user interface
  • Multiplayer and online possibilities

Result-Oriented Game Development Company

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile game installed: this is no longer exclusive to teenagers or children. Usually, you want to make the game you have in mind. Creating your own game is a necessary process. It's more than just a development phase: because you have an idea, you think about game scripts, navigation, music, sound, and above all, usability.

Even though it is a challenging task, AppStudio has been fighting its way for a long time. If you have a professional game maker, you can enjoy the big difference in custom application development. We will tell you the best way to monetize your game, and you'll know you're working in the right direction to make it a win-win.

We are proud to say that AppStudio has won the best game development company award in a row from the previous 3 years. With our professional certification system, you will rest assured that the proposals you receive come from qualified developers in Virtual and Augmented reality app development . We start our work from scratch and build games that generate revenue and popularity for brands.

We are Your Trusted Game Application Developer

AppStudio is a leading mobile game development company, offering intuitive mobile game development services across various iOS, Android, Native, and Windows platforms. Our experienced mobile app developers build unique high-end gaming applications for users, focusing on delivering gaming apps with HD displays, spectacular graphics, high-end processors, and much more essential attributes.

Our team brings users unique and animated gaming solutions. The leading mobile game development company aims to bring our customers' ideas to life and offer them competitive market-compatible gaming applications that can meet all the demands of users, clients, and players in modernity and advanced features.

Our Services to Transform Your Gaming Aspirations

Appstudio has a wide range of service offerings in iOS and android mobile app development . Our developers are experienced at working with all types of game development. Our range of services includes:

- Original Game

- Cross Platform Games

- 2D / 3D games

- Design, Art & Animation

- UI / UX

- Development & Testing

Virtual Reality Development

When technology has rotated so that you can have your room, a room where you can find yourself in any scenario wherever you want, space where you can do whatever you wish to, design, color, paint, model or do any adventure, therapy, or grooming task; we created the virtual space design. If it is so popular, then how can we remain unaffected by this fantastic technology.

Our skilled and skilled Virtual Reality developers have developed engaging and revolutionizing apps for smartphones and tablets and Cardboard and the Oculus Rift. Our varied and descriptivea Virtual Reality application development services.

Involves translating your ideas into addictive and immersive Virtual Reality applications, and we are also involved in other opportunities such as learning, training, and security for branding or entertainment.

Why Should You Choose Appstudio?

We provide you with a game that will help you to focus more on your concept and target. We are the most prominent Android and iOS app game development company, having designed n games for many well-known companies worldwide and continents. Through our excellent graphics, design, elegant framework, and easy to understand textures, we have supported clients for game development from Canada and other countries to unleash their ingenuity with phenomenal Mobile Game Development potential.

Hire A Game Developer From Appstudio

Being an award-winning and certified Mobile Game Development Company, we are known for crafting excellent Gamification strategies for startups and corporate clients alike. The secret to our success lies in the quality of our services. We provide powerful app & game development solutions for mobile, desktop, and web.

Whether you are a leader or a beginner, Hire a Game Developer at AppStudio , and we will understand your need to accelerate your path to success. Being one of the leading Mobile Game Development Companies, Appstudio remains consistent with our quality and offers the best game application development services, which are robust and scalable and increase your business value. So, get in touch with us to make your dream app live as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is game development?

Game development involves using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop visual content and coding for games.

Q2. Why are online games gaining popularity?

Today billions of people use smart gadgets. The majority of young people spend hours playing games on their laptops, phones, and tablets. Online gaming has opened up new entertainment opportunities and is a significant growth sector in the IT industry.

Q3. What is game designing?

Game design involves creating game illustrations, concept art, graphic design, 3D elements, and UI / UX design to make a game enjoyable, funny, and engaging.

Q4. What is game development?

Game development involves using state-of-the-art tools and technology to develop visual content and coding for games.

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