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Using Data Science's true potential will lead to your organization's accelerated growth and a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Many aspects enable businesses to take advantage of big data from human resources and advertising to finance and stock. AppStudio provides cost-effective but contemporary solutions that enable you to be more productive.

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Data Science

Using various Data Science tools and technologies, AppStudio provides exclusive and personalized data science solutions. Our certified experts prioritize your needs and provide you with tools to overcome challenges.

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Data Warehousing

AppStudio consults enterprises with extracting, transforming, and loading the data in a structured format. It provides robust and faults tolerance architecture for the whole ETL process.

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Data Analytics

AppStudio lets you delve deeper into any data type. Server records, safety logs, data organized or dispersed ones, our experts work on large datasets to map the data in a logical format.

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Data Visualisation

Through receiving interactive dashboards and graphical reports on your results, AppStudio allows you to ingest full information. Summarize the data to understand the trends and patterns of your market.

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Data Logging

Start logging in your consumer's footprints and watch them gain valuable insights. To support you log anything, AppStudio can be your project partner. To produce revolutionary data, our experts will process data from different sources to map in a single source.

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Data Migration

To get the most out of it, turn the conventional source of data collection into a modernized process. AppStudio works closely with companies to understand their needs and expectations of the future. This offers unique solutions to companies.

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Data Science SaaS

We offer SaaS solutions in high-quality IT data science by providing the best practices for customers to automate and streamline their results, make predictions and learn important perspectives.

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Data Audit

We find holes in your current infrastructure and services. Our top experts are looking at the data collected, analyzing the stack of software, updating the information stack and finding new features.

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Data Science Consulting

We counsel businesses in innovation and growth on how to best use knowledge to achieve a new business dream. To provide personalized recommendations on data management, we understand and integrate consumer objectives.

Our approach



AppStudio teams work in shifts to study the market and your business and evaluate the scope of data science solutions tailored for you.


Data Preparation

After the initial process, we start preparing your data into catalogs for future endeavors’. We efficiently manage your data to be easily interpreted by your staff.


Data Exploration

We envision and break down a complex data type system, discover insights that are buried in unstructured data, and form comprehensive analytics.


Building Architecture

We develop a comprehensive system designed to extract critical business data resulting in higher income and lower risks.



AppStudio integrates Data Science solutions into your company’s policies and strategies. We work flawlessly without disturbing the installed systems.

Tech stack

Within the engineering part, related to the construction of systems for the treatment of data, three basic tools stand out to begin to develop in the analysis of large volumes of information: Python, R, and Hadoop.

Considered the standard among statistical programming languages, known by some as "the golden boy" of Data Science. R is a free software environment dedicated to statistical calculation and graphics, compatible with UNIX, Windows and macOS platforms. Available as an open-source framework, Hadoop facilitates the storage and processing of huge amounts of data.

Another frequent interaction in the data scientist's work occurs with the databases. Here it is common to work with NoSQL databases, Apache Storm and processing tools such as Spark. Before embarking on a Data Science project, it is very important to know exactly the technological needs that you will require, in order to adjust resources and budgets. AppStudio has awarded multiple times as we never miss deadlines and know what we are doing.

Data Science Developers Canada


Data Science Development Companies Canada

Data Providers

Data Science Development Canada

Data Analytics Platforms

Industries we serve

Appstudio is positioned for delivering exceptional Data Science solutions to the clients having a wide range of types, scope, and complexity as well as any scenario underlying in the process. Our Team ensures a dynamic experience to the clients with our expert and professional Data Science developers.

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Healthcare Industry

In the Healthcare Industry, the Data Science development revolution has emerged as one of the most significant elements. Patients, as well as the health care professionals, have shown enthusiasm for Data. Our highly competent team is engaging the best technology to provide evaluation and analytics. This is a revolutionary utilization of technology to bring more efficient healthcare treatments, hospital management, and staff control. Moreover, the user-friendly interface will attract more patients to connect and interact with their doctors anytime and anywhere without issues.

Strengthen Your Value with Data Science

Data science is not just statistical because it is much more concerned with how information is structured and how to do data processing with greater computational efficiency. It should involve the rapid visualization and creation of prototypes for software development. Furthermore, it must include scientific techniques such as hypothesis testing and validation of results. AppStudio includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and knowledge discovery algorithms to provide clients with extraordinary results while they engage in Data Science.

AppStudio is specialized as a company in the area of data science, BI applications and consultations in data analytics. For crucial data, we have a dedicated team of software engineers, big data designers, data scientists, business analysts, and industry experts to help you solve your business ' critical issues.

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