Cross Platform Mobile
App Development

Appstudio is a leading cross-platform mobile app development services provider. We specialize in the full-service cross-platform development process from requirements gathering, UX / UI design, coding, testing, product maintenance, and support to build quality, full-featured applications. Our team makes some of the most accurate apps on platforms like Configure.IT, PhoneGap, HTML5, AdobeAir, and Xamarin.

Cross-platform App Development Service

Cross-platform game and mobile application development is the best way to reduce the cumulative cost of an application. It helps your business reduce upgrade costs and time to market and reach more users and followers without losing quality. With cross-platform mobile application development, we enable your clients to invest in IT solutions with less effort.

Our development team specializes in Webix, PhoneGap, and other eminent technologies and frameworks. Our UI / UX developers create innovative cross-platform apps that offer the same outstanding features as native mobile apps. As a leading cross-platform application development company, we have proven, real-life experience in building efficient cross-platform applications. Besides, we engage your potential users on all platforms and devices.

Why Choose Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform allows for faster delivery. Therefore, there is no need to coordinate separate teams to build, test, and maintain applications. Harness the power of front-end development to create a single code base for all platforms and accelerate delivery.

Also, cross-platform mobile application development provides a simple enhancement. Our mobile app developers make sure that you only need one mobile app development team once your app is up. So please take this opportunity to shorten the feedback cycle and ensure faster feature rollout.

Experience in Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-platform development is a smart choice for brands. It helps provide consistent app experiences for everyone with a mobile device. Our highly experienced mobile and Flutter app developers know how to handle cross-platform app development's technical details.

Our developers can design and implement custom applications that feel native to each platform. We are licensed to use robust technology to provide you with better applications at a lower cost. We will turn the code into something excellent.

Cross-platform Application Development Solutions

With Get Started, our team can work with you to figure out which platforms would be best suited for your mobile app. Cross-platform development will depend on several factors, including the devices that your clients, customers, or employees use most frequently.

Taking the time to conduct market research will lead to more successful results. However, our eminent iOS and Android app developers set us apart as a cross-platform mobile app development company.

Why Appstudio?

With such a wide range of mobile devices and platforms, Appstudio's expertise in creating mobile applications using standard web technologies. Several powerful and responsive cross-platform mobile development frameworks such as Ember.js, AngularJS, Sencha, or SproutCore, etc., that provide an HTML5-based platform.

Our Android and iOS app developers are efficient at designing and developing easy-to-use cross-platform apps. Plus, developed apps will look, feel, and work to deliver the same rich user experience across devices.

Discuss your Conclusion on Cross-platform Application Development

After the cross-platform application design and development, we also conducted further research to make sure your launch runs smoothly. Our app developers make sure the user experience is error-free and consistent with behavior-based testing.

However, you can make sure your mobile apps start correctly on all types of devices. Additionally, our developers can work with your company to deliver a cross-platform application development solution. Start the conversation to contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. To develop cross-platform applications, what technologies do you use?

Our development team uses Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, Kotlin, and React Native for cross-platform application development. We have an excellent experience, more than 10+ years of experience, and more than 200 happy and satisfied customers. Moreover, our developers make us the best hybrid or cross-platform mobile development company.

Q2. How is cross-platform application development different?

The cross-platform application is different and better compared to other types of applications. The design is to work on multiple devices, and there is no need to develop various applications for different OS or platforms.

Q3. How much does it cost to hire a cross-platform app developer?

This cost varies and depends mainly on the type of application and the number of functions and their complexity. It will cost you around $ 4000+ for essential cross-platform app development. But the advanced ones with a large number of features can cost $ 100,000 or more.

Q4. Are cross-platform apps compatible with all Android and iOS features?

Cross-platform applications develop with multiple platforms and devices in mind. Moreover, high-performance cross-platform apps can work effortlessly on different devices. They support all the functions of iOS, Android, or any other medium.

Q5. What are the tools used for cross-platform phone app development?

There are many open source and paid tools available for cross-platform application development. Some of the most used tools include Xamarin, Qt, Sencha touch, Unity, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Monocross, Codename one, conversion, etc.