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Big Data Security Solutions

We include Big Data Consulting Services at AppStudio while offering Big Data Analysis, Strategies for Big Data Issues Use Case. Big Data analysis and strategy will list the various components expected from the Big Data environment as well as the methods, processes to be implemented into the Big Data Strategy and Big Data Implementation.

Big Data Developers Canada

Big Data Infrastructure Automation

AppStudio Big Data System supports Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark Cluster, and Similar Components that enable network Automation. Big Data Services supports Reactive programming in the Akka framework to build streaming and event-driven Big Data applications. Big Data Services can deliver Big Data application that is effective massively scalable, and integrated.

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Big Data Integration Solutions

AppStudio is the leading global provider of Big Data Management Solutions to help businesses face Big Data Challenges by making Big Data Integration simple, quick and economical. Facilitate the process of interacting with Big Data Integration Solutions, Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HDFS.

Big Data Development Canada

Data Warehouse and Database Design Architecture

Big Data Advisory services provide consulting, deployment with NoSQL servers to build Real-Time Data Lake and Data Warehouse. Custom Big Data tools enable you to update the Big Data Warehouse and allow you to move from traditional databases to modern databases. Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB, and Druid are integrated into Big Data Solutions.

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Services provided

Big Data Developers Canada

Consulting & Strategy

We will provide solutions to specific business needs with a simple overview and develop a custom-fit design to accommodate them. We will identify important internal and external sources of data that contribute to actionable insight.

Big Data Development Companies Canada

Architecture & Framework

We build for you a contemporary Big Data approach and apply it in a completely functional manner in your existing business ecosystem.

Big Data Development Canada

Data exploration & Analysis

We conduct an investigative and thorough data analysis from which we develop and validate specific predictive models for your company.

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Data collection & Preparation

We gather data from a wide variety of servers, applications, and systems. We then customize it to match your target system's correct configuration and load it into a list of destinations.

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Integration & Monitoring

We incorporate our Big Data solution into your business without affecting your current business. The practical knowledge gained from your data will be interpreted and made available in usable formats to decision-makers.

Our approach



AppStudio teams work in shifts to study the market and your business and evaluate the scope of big data solutions tailored for you.


Data Preparation

After the initial process, we start preparing your data into catalogs for future endeavors’. We efficiently manage your big data.


Data Exploration

We envision and break down a complex data type system, discover insights that are buried in unstructured data, and form comprehensive analytics.


Building Architecture

We develop a comprehensive system designed to extract critical business data resulting in higher income and lower risks.



AppStudio integrates Big Data solutions into your company’s policies and strategies. We work flawlessly without disturbing the installed systems.

Tech stack

Sawzall is a programming language to express typical tasks within the analysis of large data structures (filtering, aggregation, calculation of statistical summaries, ...) to be performed on a MapReduce model, which in turn inspires the development of its open-source implementation , Apache Pig(initially developed by Yahoo) and the Pig Latin language, for use on Apache Hadoop. As a related note, within the Hadoop ecosystem, we also find Apache Hive (initially developed from Facebook), a utility of objectives similar to Pig but whose use and interface are closer to the well-known SQL language to interrogate databases. In 2006, Google disclosed in its article its NoSQL data storage system, BigTable (used since in most Google applications that need to store and process large volumes of data), which results in the development of Apache HBase, it's Open-source to be used with HDFS / Hadoop. In a similar way in later years (2009, 2010) we find Pregel (the development of Google to process large data structures with graph format) and its open-source equivalent Apache Giraph , as well as Dremel (the Google system to make queries to large volumes of data more efficient, based on the BigQuery concept ) and its open-source Impala equivalent developed by Cloudera.

Big Data Developers Canada

Cloud Computing

Big Data Development Companies Canada


Big Data Development Canada


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Our Team ensures a dynamic mobile app experience to the clients with our expert and professional designers and app developers.

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Healthcare Industry

In the Healthcare Industry, mobile app development revolution has emerged as one of the most significant element. Patients, as well as the health care professionals, have shown enthusiasm for app development. Our highly competent team is engaging the best technology for bridging the gap between patients and health care’ providers by the provision of a seamless mobile app experience.

Strengthen Your Value with Big Data Development

Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of d
ata, both structured and unstructured, that flood business every day. But it is not the amount of data that is important, what matters most is the vast opportunities it presents to the businesses. Big Data can be analyzed to get ideas that lead to better decisions and strategic business movements. Hence, an increase in revenue, efficiency, and profits.

The collection of large amounts of data and the search for trends within the data allow companies to move much more quickly, smoothly and efficiently. It also allows them to eliminate problem areas before problems end their benefits or reputation. Big Data analysis helps organizations take advantage of their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business movements, more efficient operations, higher profits, and happier customers.

Appstudio offers solutions for business development and deployment of resources to define key data, how to protect and handle it with frameworks, tools, and processes for proper management and visualization. The range of Big Data Services involves discovering business-relevant analytical tools and skills for creating a data-driven culture and breaking database silos and obtaining actionable insights.

At present, the Big Data concept gains strength and interest in companies, academia, and marketing, however, according to a survey conducted by LogLogic, 38% of people do not understand what it is and 27% say which has a partial understanding, while 59% of organizations lack the necessary tools to manage the data of their Information Technology systems. Therefore, to understand the potential of Big Data, it is first necessary to define the concept.

Big Data is a term that applies to all information that cannot be processed or analyzed by traditional processes; that is, the massive amounts of data that accumulate over time that are difficult to analyze and handle using common database management tools. Likewise, some more extensive definitions also include the treatment and analysis of these huge data repositories.
Although there is still no consensus on an exact definition of Big Data, many experts agree that this term is related to volume, variety, and speed of data.

Where does all the information come from?
It is estimated that the digital information available in the world today is 5 Zettabytes (one hundred trillion bits), and this is doubled every two and a half years; the volume is such that it is said that, if all this information is put in books, 9 thousand piles of books would be achieved that would reach the sun.

This information is found throughout cyberspace, however, it is of no use without the technology necessary to handle such an amount of unstructured or semi-structured data, so processing technologies such as MapReduce or Hadoop have been developed.
Hadoop is software for intensive distributed data applications and is currently one of the most popular technologies for storing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data that makeup Big Data. For its part, MapReduce works to process large amounts of petabytes of information.

Google Cloud Platform offers the widest and simplest form of Hadoop software available to everyone, to collect, process, and store and analyze data on a single platform. Google Cloud Dataproc is a low-cost Hadoop service, managed to effortlessly process large data sets using the powerful open tools of the Apache Big Data ecosystem (creators of Hadoop).

Type of data
While there are many categories of information within Big Data, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) classifies five types of data within Big Data:

Web and Social Media
Includes web content and information that is obtained from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Uber, etc.

Machine to machine (M2M):
This refers to the technologies that allow connecting to other devices. M2M uses sensors or meters that capture a particular event (speed, temperature, pressure, meteorological variables, chemical variables) that transmit through wired, wireless or hybrid networks to other applications that translate these events into meaningful information.

Large data transaction:
Includes billing records, in telecommunications as detailed records of the phone calls we make.

Information that includes fingerprints, retinal scanning, facial recognition, and genetics. In the area of security and intelligence, biometric data has been important information for research agencies.

Generated by humans:
We generate large amounts of data for the storage we use, for example, a phone call, voice memos, emails, electronic documents, among others.

Datification and Analytics
As mentioned at the beginning, the expression Big Data also refers to the treatment of large volumes of data through mathematical algorithms in order to establish correlations between them, predict trends and make decisions.

The algorithms that are currently used are able to find common patterns in the data in order to obtain the information and, if possible, that can be processed quickly and in real-time.

That is why the need arises to gather information about how much exists under the sun and transform it to data to quantify it, this is called datification, this allows us to give new users to the information, such as the case of predictive analysis that, for example, it allows us to detect if an engine is prone to mechanical failures based on the vibrations it emits.
An even clearer example is that thanks to this datification, Deep Learning or what we know today as artificial intelligence is achieved. Siri de Apple and Cortana de Microsoft use the data as if it were neural networks, only that artificial intelligence uses Big Data and data to achieve its main functions.

After the datification comes to the analysis of the information collected, which goes hand in hand with the current way of storing and processing macro data. The Anglo-Saxon word Analytics began to gain strength at the beginning of this new millennium for companies, mainly, being understood as the discovery and communication of significant patterns of information, or conceived as a method of logical analysis of information.

The computer techniques used in the detection, extraction, and analysis of business data, have an as main objective, to help improve business decision making. However, the use of Big Data and its analysis for commercial, political and/or economic purposes, put the majority of the population facing enormous risks in terms of privacy protection.

For example, Google, whose number of users exceeds one billion, has an impressive number of sensors to recognize the behavior of each user, and its search engine lets you know where the Internet user is, what they are looking for and at what time.
That is, with each “click” we make, unlocking our mobile phone, payments with credit or debit cards, and with the searches, we do through internet browsing, we provide a lot of information about each of us. , information that, as we will see, can be used for unethical purposes.

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