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iOS App Development

The development of native iOS apps requires deep knowledge of the Xcode development environment and the Swift programming language. Our iOS developers have been working with these technologies and languages for years and can therefore guarantee professional programming of native iOS apps in the enterprise environment. Together with you, we develop a coherent concept based on the idea before we start programming your iOS app. Our portfolio ranges from the development of specific apps for the iPhone, iPad or the iWatch regardless of the use in the B2B or B2C environment. We love the challenge and develop native iOS apps with passion. Our iOS developers are looking forward to every project, no matter whether large or small, simple or complex!

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Android App Development

We, Appstudio, are a web agency with a focus on programming Android apps. We offer our services to customers who are looking for a reliable and competent partner for the development of native Android apps in the North American region, but are also available to companies from all over the world as a professional agency for Android development. Our Android developers are very familiar with the technologies required for native Android development such as Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Java, Android Security Architecture, etc. and can thus guarantee a successful project process. We attach great importance to the care, quality and documentation of your Android app. Our Android developers can draw on many years of experience. When reaching previously defined milestones, you will receive the intermediate status of the Android app development in the form of so-called APK files. These can be loaded and tested in the developer mode of your Android device.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

When we use a mobile application we ask for information continuously, it does not matter if the app is for information search, a game or a social network. This implies that a part of the app (the Backend), has to be able to find and access the information we request. The process of searching for data is not easy, since these are stored in large databases (in the plural), which are also protected so as not to expose what is called sensitive information in our area. At this point, a well-designed Backend must be able not only to find the precise information that the user requires, but also to access it securely.

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QA and Testing

A large part of the business of any type of company will depend on the proper functioning of its mobile applications, so ensuring their quality becomes a priority factor in ensuring the competitiveness of the organization. The testing activity is one of the most relevant factors in the software development process, however, the testing activity in a mobile environment presents certain singularities. Testing services in mobile environments are substantially different from traditional application testing services, as there is an added complexity in terms of multiple platforms, networks, operating systems, as well as the variety of devices and sensors. The user experience is key when talking about mobility, since it can generate specific requirements related to the testing process, as well as special considerations that have to do with the geographical aspect and the security aspect.

  • Functional testing
  • Espresso UI testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

Native apps are written specifically for the respective operating system. In the case of Apple smartphones this is iOS, in the case of Android smartphones it is Android. This ensures that all interfaces to the hardware work consistently and without errors. The result is a high-performance, intuitive app specially developed for the respective operating system.

App Development Process

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Mobile App Development

Imagine you run a small agency, run a barber shop, a handicraft business or are even just a "one-man show" - and you have your company app. With this you draw customers, employees or business partners to your attention. Because native, mobile business apps of small companies that are in the Windows Phone, iTunes and Google Playstores are still not widely used - at least in some countries.

Why is that? Especially in times when everything has to be mobile and chic? Few companies fear the cost of development, however, it’s a fact that the implementation of modern technologies fetch more revenue, better brand image, and ease of doing business. Mobile app development is not the investment that caters profits in future but soon after the development and launching app, you will see positive and satisfactory turnovers.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada is most populous one due to its moderate weather and cosmopolitan culture. Great White North has provided every facilities in Toronto to turn it into the hub for technologies which has turned it into a new silicon valley of North America. AppStudio has been providing technology and IT related services here since the inception of new age. We have got what it takes to handle big enterprises as well as new startups.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you

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Our team provides a comprehensive mobile app experience to users through our experienced and skilled designers and app developers.

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Healthcare Industry

Mobile app improvement innovation has risen as one of the healthcare industry's most vital components. The advancement of instruments is energizing for both patients and healthcare experts. Our exceedingly talented group is utilizing the finest innovation to bridge the crevice between patients and wellbeing care suppliers by advertising a smooth versatile app involvement.

The right app approach

The first bottom line is: When it comes to business apps, there are two worlds. One of these two worlds revolves around what companies expect when they imagine their app. If you believe the developers, it can be seen from the first customer conversation that customers have a significant need for advice from app specialists. Because the SMEs do not know where the possibilities and limits of apps are, and how many construction sites in the company you open up with the decision for an app.

The developing companies report this at least in agreement, Weptun and the Berlin app development company Creative Workline. Both companies have specialized in offering companies the creation and integration of native business apps for multiple platforms (Weptun: iOS, Android, Blackberry - Creative Workline: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry).

Why an app at all?

"Of course there is often the hipness factor at the beginning" behind the request for an app, reports Martin Jr, Technical Director of the Toronto Creative Workline. “Many companies find it simply chic to run their app. We see it as our task to work out the concrete added value for your business from the many exciting ideas of the customers and to accompany them from conception, through development, to marketing and support."

Patrick Simons, Head of Business Development at Toronto-based startup, also had this experience. However, he adds: “If we talk to the companies for a longer period, we find that the original idea for the app did not only arise from a nice idea, but always from a concrete business need. Something isn't going as effectively in companies as it can be. The companies want to meet this need in a modern way, even if they don't know exactly what an app can offer. ”The goal can usually only be roughly formulated by customers: buzzwords such as increased productivity, increased flexibility and more focused workflows quickly fall.

A perfect fit on the phone

In addition to the topicality, simple business apps also offer other advantages: While web apps (which are created in HTML5, CSS and Javascript) are used via the browser and always appear different on the screen depending on the device type and display size, they are native apps matched to the respective devices and allow easy, comfortable and often also visually appealing access.

In this context, “native” means that the apps were created based on the official development tools and platform providers. In the case of Windows Phone, this is Visual Studio, for Apple it is the Xcode program, for Android Eclipse. However, developers do not have to go this route: AppStudio, for example, uses its development tool, which makes it possible to use the JavaScript programming language to create native apps (what that will be, more on that later) for various platforms and smartphone / tablet models to create.

No matter which form the programmer chooses: accompanying the tools, the platform providers provide guidelines that provide the developers with guidelines for the optical and technical design of apps. The approval processes, which then make the app officially accessible to everyone in the app shop, differ significantly from one another.

Possibilities of apps

Basically, apps allow data streams from existing and individual company applications to be integrated. There are also standard components for elements such as calendar, card or e-payment functions. The interfaces, services and components are again "developer-friendly" and compatible depending on the platform, as AppStudio and Creative Workline report. It can be said: Android is the most open, Windows Phone, on the other hand, has been the most closed so far, at least as far as third-party systems are concerned, but this should now change with Windows Phone 8.