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iOS App Development

iOS is the Apple operating system that brings different devices to life: iPhone and iPad. Currently, around 21% of smartphones on the market run on the iOS operating system. It is therefore almost essential today to develop an iOS application. Developing an iOS application makes your application accessible to the Apple community, and more broadly, to iPhone and iPad users. To be able to reach these users, it is necessary to develop compatible applications, in other words, iOS applications. The development of a single responsive iOS application will allow it to be adaptable to all Apple terminals with the possibility of nuances between devices. Once the iOS application has been developed, it can then be accessed and referenced on the Apple store. Behind each application creation project hides a company or a person with a specific need. For its objectives to be achieved, the application must be well thought out in terms of screens and functionalities.

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Android App Development

Android is, above all, an operating system that is used by the majority of smartphones (63%) and tablets. The Android operating system will animate these mobile devices and allow their dynamic use. To be compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, it is necessary to create what is more commonly called an Android application. The flexibility of Android allows you to create a single application that can be quickly adapted to different environments (smartphones, tablets, connected watches). Most of the Android apps are distributed through Google Play Store. The reasons for creating an Android app for a business are varied. Whether the objective of developing an Android application is to expose its online store, provide a unique experience to its customers or even facilitate the work of its employees, the possibilities for functionality are great at the very heart of these applications. Each customer and each need is unique, it is necessary to design a custom Android application to perfectly meet your expectations. As discussed above, the possibilities for functionality are vast. To this extent, we help you choose what you need so as not to overload the application and make it pleasant and useful for its future users.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

A backend is the essential part of your technical architecture. It is the main component that will be used to run your website or to operate your mobile application by providing it with the data it needs (or collecting data from your mobile application). In the context of the development of mobile applications, which is of interest to us, a backend is composed of a database, a backoffice (web interface) for managing the data and an API rest with which the application will dialogue to provide or retrieve their data. If the backend is poorly designed and / or the backend development is poorly implemented, your application may suffer from serious performance problems (regardless of the quality of the development of the mobile application by itself). So it is therefore essential to pay special attention to the development of your backend. This results in the design of the data model that will meet the needs of your mobile application, and in the implementation of the technical architecture: server (s), implementation of cache, design and implementation of the API Rest in order to reach the desired performance objective.

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QA and Testing

Consumers today expect a smooth and qualitative mobile experience, and the current mobile landscape is evolving very quickly. Naturally, this creates many challenges for developers. A real testing strategy for your application is therefore essential to the mobile development process. Appstudio gives you access to a community of experienced testers around the world to test your apps under the same conditions as those of your end users. Appstudio QA and testing allows you to manage your apps on a large scale and verify that they work well as expected on any device, regardless of the environment. The best approach for mobile app testing is to leverage the strengths of different testing strategies throughout your development cycle.

  • Functional testing
  • Espresso UI testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

If you want to create a mobile application available on IOS and Android, then you will need to assign at least one developer for each code. It should be recognized that native applications are complex solutions that require knowledge of the XCode environment as well as Swift & Objective-C programming languages. This solution can be restrictive if you do not have solid technical and financial resources. However, the use of this technology will allow you to use features such as the Camera, GPS, or even calendars etc, in more detail.

App Development Process

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Mobile App Development

Thanks to a smartphone app, you no longer need an intermediary! You are in direct contact with your potential customers. Unlike the Internet or social networks, which put you in constant competition with other players in your field of activity, the mobile application offers privileged contact with your customers.

Depending on its nature, the application can also be a gateway for your prospects. By knowing to be useful, you make potential customers want to know more about you and to use your paid services. We don't teach you anything: social networks and mobile applications have become real references in terms of information and communication.

By developing a mobile application linked to your business, you show that you are trendy, that you can adapt to the lifestyle of your customers. Indirectly, this affects the image of your company: you become a modern brand, capable of meeting the new needs of its consumers.

Canada’s capital Ottawa has been one of the most efficient technological hubs in the world. The developers and IT-oriented agencies here have earned a good name globally, thanks to the positive policies by the government. AppStudio has been serving customers since the inception of top-notch mobile technologies here in Canada. We offer premium products in an affordable price range.

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Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you

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With our experienced and skilled designers and app developers, our team provides consumers with extensive mobile app experience.

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Healthcare Industry

The use of apps in healthcare has several advantages. The applications make it possible to stimulate contact between patients and healthcare providers, to better monitor patients by healthcare providers, but also and above all, to motivate patients more to follow the prescribed treatment. At least, that was what emerged from the final evaluation of different mobile health pilot projects. Thanks to the apps, patients can become co-pilots of their own health.

Mobile application: undeniable advantages

A smartphone application is often more ergonomic than a mobile website. It makes the user experience much better thanks to navigation and content specially adapted for mobile use.

A mobile application can also take advantage of functions specific to Smartphones such as GPS or camera. Thanks to these applications, it is even possible to receive push notifications, something impossible with a mobile site.

Another significant advantage is that an application does not necessarily require an internet connection. Thus, no need to wait for the page to open, no more untimely disconnection and no more reason to get upset…

Very easy to find, the applications are directly available on the apple store with the iPhone or on the play store with an Android Smartphone.

Build Customer Loyalty

Having your first customers is complicated, keeping them can be just as difficult. This is why a mobile application can allow you to build customer loyalty, via the native functionalities offered by Smartphones.

For example, using notifications: As soon as you publish a blog article or a new offer is available, the user can receive a notification on his Smartphone and access it directly via your mobile application and discover what is new to offer.

Besides, you can also use your application to offer internet exclusives. Indeed, all (or almost) all Smartphone users have continuous access to the internet. By offering internet exclusives, your client has all the more interest in owning your application to stay informed and be able to benefit from it. This functionality can be coupled with the previous one, so the user receives a notification each time an internet exclusivity is offered.

You can also use the app to provide efficient customer service. With a “contact” section on your application, the user only has to click on your number to be able to call you (no need to search and copy the number, therefore).

A mobile application for a better brand image

To attract your potential customers and retain your consumers, you are aware of the importance of your company's image. Because you have many projects for the latter, you want to convey a resolutely modern image, in what a mobile application can help you ... A true modern communication tool, the mobile application demonstrates the quality of your services, develops your customer relationship and allows you to be favorably perceived!

New benefits for your potential customers

The mobile applications for companies enable new features, the most significant for potential consumers. For an online sales site, we will consider a unique product presentation system, improving the user experience. Another company could develop other functionalities with a mobile application: geolocation of points of sale, online ordering from the application, reservation of products or services online…

Respond to user needs…

The digital revolution is constantly creating new needs for consumers, which businesses tend to meet. With an increasing number of applications installed on smartphones, mobile users use their favorite sites differently. No need to go to the browser, by unlocking their screens and clicking on the tab of their application, they access what they are looking for much faster! No need to remember one URL or another, now you just need to download the application of his favorite company!

A mobile application for better productivity

If mobile applications can be particularly appreciated by your consumers, they can be equally appreciated by your employees. Trained to use your application, they use it daily, to save time, in their business trips. No need to carry dozens of files and magazines, everything is now on the mobile app!