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We are sure of one thing: developing an app is an operation that requires time, passion and competence. We create native, cross-platform and web apps for Android and iOS devices by developing customized projects based on your business objectives. In particular, we focus on projects for the realization of an app that have an efficacy, or that are competitive in the reference market. For this reason, creating an app means for us to weave the skills of our professionals from the world of development and marketing. Our working method provides for the constant participation of the customer, with whom we always want to interface to agree and share times, methodologies and purposes.

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Simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes Elegance


Business Intelligence Technologies

The big news of Business Intelligence technologies is that they can process large amounts of both structured and unstructured data with the aim of identifying, developing and creating new strategic business opportunities. These technologies aim to simplify big data interpretation as much as possible, to identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy based on in-depth information. Business Intelligence ensures competitive advantages and long-term stability.

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iOS App Development

It is one of our premium development apps, including Swift coding, basic UI design concepts, integration of iOS content, and prototyping. There's no doubt that Apple is offering luxury, and we're also making sure our iOS-based products offer the same.

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Android App Development

Android is an operating system that most manufacturers are using. From the wealthy to a common man, thanks to budget phones, everyone has access to the internet. We make sure our Android apps are available, providing full usability.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

On the server-side, behind the scenes, the back-end developer works, allowing the user to enjoy his work experience. We apply effortlessly ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, etc. and keep in mind the main idea of consumers.

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QA and Testing

We also consider our customers ' needs and goals at Appstudio. Upon releasing the app, we not only do QA sessions, but also build mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. As prevention is better than cure, we check the app many times.

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Native Applications

We know that by going to the native app, all sorts of system functionality, sensors and 100 percent quality are achieved. Whether it's Java for Android or Swift for iOS, we're able to handle every platform and enjoy a wealth of work experience for major platforms.

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Hybrid App Development

Today, because of their cost-effectiveness and streamlined interface, hybrid apps are increasingly being used in the mobile world. At Appstudio we have designers who are capable of creating hybrid applications based on incorporating all of the customers ' focal points.

iOS App Development

Creating and developing a Mobile App for the iPhone requires the availability of a Mac on which the free Xcode software can be installed; the program provides editors with all the necessary tools. The programming language used for iOS applications is Objective-C, which does not present particular problems for those who are already familiar with Java and C ++. It is an object-based language and there is an English-language guide on the Apple website, which explains how it works. In more recent years, Apple has launched a new language called Swift, which is very intuitive. Swift is expected to replace Objective-C in the coming years. For its use it is always good to refer to the official website of the company. After creating a simple and easily intuitive interface for users, you need to test the application. This can be done from your iPhone by registering on the Apple Developer Program site.


iPhone / iPad Development
React Native
Apple Watch
Apple TV/tvOS
Siri Intents

Android App Development

Android is the most used operating system for mobile devices in the world; completely free, its diffusion continues to extend and is very versatile. Android offers developers the ability to create applications that adapt to any type of device; of course the adaptation of the functions requires special care, but the operating system offers all the support so that the apps can be run easily. Android uses Java and it is therefore necessary to have knowledge in this programming language, to proceed with the development of an app; first you need to download the free Java SE Development Kit software ; Furthermore, it is necessary to create an integrated development environment (IDE) in which all the tools necessary to create a Mobile App are present. For this purpose it is possible to download Android studio, an application created specifically for programming in Android environments or the older and less popular Eclipse. In addition to these two elements, the presence of the Android SDK is also very important, a software package that contains all the tools useful to a developer.


Android Studio
Material Design
Android TV
Custom-embedded Android ROM
Android Wear

Mobile Backend Engineering

When you think of an App in general, you just imagine the user interface and the mechanisms of interaction with it, in other words the User Experience. Unless it is an App that does not require the exchange of data to offer a service, the part that the Customer often underestimates or to which he does not really think, is the server part.

In non-trivial real cases, an App is nothing more than an interface to a much more complex system that however remains hidden from the user's eyes. This system, much more complex than the App, is what actually offers the service promised by the App.

The technical term to indicate this system is backend, as opposed to the App which in this case becomes the frontend. The backend of an App, in order to perform its tasks, must:

  • Be hosted, through a hosting service, on a publicly accessible server
  • Manage a database containing user data
  • Implement a communication protocol with the App
  • Offer an administration interface (Web App) for service managers
  • Being able to scale as users increase

Do you have a photo sharing app in mind? Your backend will have to take charge of receiving the photos, archive them, recover them, send them to other users etc. It will also have to allow you to manage everything: registered users, archived photos, etc. All this to say that finding a good designer who makes an app with an appealing look is not enough, this, to want to be generous, is only half the work.


Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure
SAP Data Services

QA and Testing

After finishing the development of your app, the next step is to test the app. In doing so, the app is checked on the basis of its operation, usability and compatibility with different devices and operating systems. Most of the developers, after creating the app and establishing its design, want to release the application as quickly as possible, but before selling the software in the app store you need to check the app's capacity in different areas. Classic methods are, for example, performance, compatibility and usability tests, which are contained together with other procedures in the term “Testing of mobile apps on devices “(also called “Mobile testing"). To perform this step, you can rely on tools for testing the app.


Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure
SAP Data Services

Your Idea’s into Products

If you have got an idea and are not sure how to implement it, Appstudio can help you out. We have managed to provide unique products and solutions to different startups that are now achieving new milestones with every passing year. We conduct meetings, comprehend idea and then draw a roadmap that provide our clients with confidence and satisfaction.


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The design of a mobile strategy is critical for the company, given that this type of strategy should not only be applied in a highly competitive environment but should be constantly updated. Through combining consumer habits and product knowledge, Appstudio develops and refines a mobile strategy for you.


Industries We Serve

Appstudio knows each industry has its own unique spectrum and demands. Luckily we have the experience of handling all genres and market segments. We develop strategies to meet the needs of each and every industry, and assign unique teams to various projects.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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