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App Development Technologies

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iOS App Development

It’s one of our premium app development including programming with Swift, basic UI design concepts, iOS content integration, and prototyping. No doubt that Apple offers luxury and we make sure that our iOS-based offer that too.

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Android App Development

Android is an operating system which is used by most of the manufacturers. From elite to a common man, everyone has access to the platform, thanks to budget devices. We make sure that our android apps are apparent, and offers maximum usability.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

The back-end developer works on the Server side, behind the scenes, allowing the user to enjoy his experience with his work. We apply ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, etc. effortlessly and keeping in mind the consumers’ main idea.

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QA and Testing

At Appstudio we always prioritize the expectations and ambitions of our clients. Not only we do QA sessions after the launch of the app, but we also create mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype. We test the app multiple times as precaution is better than cure.

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Native Applications

We know that all kinds of device functionalities, sensors, and 100% performance are attained by going for the native app. Whether it’s Java for Android or Swift for iOS, we are capable to deal with every platform and enjoy an ample experience working for major platforms.

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Hybrid App Development

Today Hybrid Apps are increasingly used in the mobile world due to their cost-effectiveness and simpler interface. At Appstudio we have developers who are skilled to create hybrid apps with the focus to integrate all of the focal points from the clients.

iOS App Development

Some platforms deliver us greater outcomes than others whilst developing mobile apps. Although it may seem a lie, iOS has been in the marketplace for longer than the Google platform, Android. That is a bonus while programming for the reason that, having extra time within the marketplace, its frameworks and APIs had been able to evolve and adapt more to cutting-edge technologies and trends. In iOS, we can most effectively create programs for one type of tool, the iPhone. Developers have to now not adapt each application to distinct Android cell gadgets or any platform. Besides Apple provide handsets with support and new software updates much longer than the other manufacturers. Here at Appstudio, we have a dedicated group of developers who have know-how running with Cupertino based software program. Furthermore, we make sure that the consumer’s concept is nicely integrated and the final product comes after thorough testing and checks.

Technology Stack

Android App Development

Android is a mobile operating system headed by the American giant Google. This operating system is based on the core of another system called Linux and is used by millions of devices, including smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc. To develop an application for Android, it is necessary to put in combination a set of specific skills. These skills require technical knowledge and know-how directly related to programming. Considering that not all developers necessarily have each of skills like architecture, programming, design, and business management and that the number of project teams is generally reduced, it is necessary to determine a harmonious division of the different tasks. Our team of experts develops solutions with cutting-edge technologies that bring innovation and performance. For all our projects we provide our customers with a dedicated project manager and online reporting tools. Whether it is a responsive design version of your website or a professional native application that must communicate with your information system, we have all the skills and experience to realize your project in the best conditions.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

A programmer tends to be backend. It is the engineering work that composes access to databases and generation of server-side templates. In backend they are responsible for implementing things like MySQL , Postgres, SQL Server or MongoDB . Then, a language like PHP or JSP, or frameworks such as RoR, Django , Node.JS or .NET connect to the database. Through these languages and frameworks, information is received, processed and sent to the user's browser. In HTML code (which creates the frontend) or by sending pure data in XML, RSS or JSON , to be processed by Javascript. On Facebook, for example, PHP sends the basic structure of the website, but there are multiple programs and servers made in C ++ or Erlang that process information in real time (such as chat, comments, notifications) and send and receive them through Javascript in the browser. AppStudio has acquired skilled and efficient backend programmers that are well experienced in handling projects for big brands as well as emerging startups. We program the whole code according to the clients’ requirements and needs.

Technology Stack

QA and Testing

Once the app is developed, it is necessary to do a deep testing of all the parts of it. The test can be divided into:

  • Functional testing: to ensure that the application works as it should and follows all due flows.
  • Performance test: to verify that the application's behavior under certain conditions (multiple simultaneous access requests, poor coverage, low battery ...) is correct.
  • Checks of memory leaks are crucial in mobile phones because resources are much more limited than in programs for desktop computers. Automated task programs and programs that report the error code are commonly used for this task, in addition to intensive manual testing.

At AppStudio we make sure that the clients’ get premium products so we conduct all sorts of quality assurance tests and leave no glitches in the final product.

  • Functional testing
  • Espresso UI testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

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Native Applications

This group contains applications that are offered in the extensive catalogs and App Stores of the main operating systems. That is, each native application is indissoluble from the operating system in which it was developed; and they only work under that unique environment. They are easy to create and market, and offer a more complete user experience.

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Hybrid Applications

As the name says, hybrid applications are a combination of both. That is, you can opt for the development of proprietary applications from a single operating system that, at the outset; it will allow you to mass market your application directly from the App Store because it will have the necessary permissions to do so. Of course, you will have to assess whether this aligns with your business objectives and strategic planning.

App Development Process

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Architecture & UX Design

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Software Development

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App Development

When we consider the idea of investing in the development of applications to keep our products and services at the forefront. This is the first question that comes to mind as entrepreneurs: Why bother in the development of applications, if there are already many options available in the market? Followed by: What technical aspects are the minimum necessities to be able to incorporate and expand them? What platforms are the most recommended? And of course, how much will application development cost me? Let's review these questions in detail.

We all know that Canada is the land of opportunities, thanks to its modern policies and amazing culture. The American dream has long ago shifted in Canada while companies and individuals find Canada more appealing and cost-effective. Canada has got brilliant developers, programmers, designers and scientists that are continuously contributing innovative products and technologies to the world. It’s the new Silicon Valley in North America but more innovative, unique and cost-effective. AppStudio started its journey in Canada as soon as the mobile apps business incepted in the world. We are one of the few companies in Canada and the world that provide top-notch services and contemporary technologies to businesses. Our products are never the same and we emphasize uniqueness and innovation at all levels.

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you

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We have experience of handling diversified genres of life and industries. We work for the transformation of your businesses.

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AppStudio App Development

On an operational level, proprietary application development is done with one premise in mind: Only the owner has access to the source code. In other words, they are private; they depend on the expert and are developed to meet special needs. Thus, the end-user pays for a license that guarantees its use and; depending on the conditions of the contract; you will also have access to updates and other miscellaneous services.

What technical aspects are the minimum necessary to incorporate the development of applications in any company?

The technical aspects to develop applications oriented to service management will vary greatly depending on the needs of each company. However, these are some that you will always need to take into account for the development of applications:

  • Battery consumption
  • Use of system tools (sensors, GPS, screen rotation, etc.)
  • Connection types (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, hybrid networks).
  • Keyboard / mouse / touch screen interface and interaction.
  • Application life cycle (upgrades, EOL, etc.)
  • Define the context of application use as well as product usability.
  • Responsive design
  • Compliance with SLAs and certificates
  • Security type
  • Take into account screen varieties (PC, smart TV, cell phones and tablets)

What platforms are the most recommended?

Here we enter the field of the subjective. There are those who prefer to use iOS; others, Android; and there are those who opt for Windows, Linux, Unix, to name just a few. Others, however, prefer to have everything and even swap:

  • Multiplatform design based on HTML5 and some specific components for each type of device.
  • Hybrid apps, with native design and shared navigation.
  • Native apps for each platform.
  • Design for iPad / Tablets by padding, or by specific design.

Brand strengthening

Your company will stand out from the competition by having a mobile application through which your users can interact with you in a way that you cannot get through other channels.

Increased visibility

A mobile application, being hosted in major app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, will be available to thousands of users interested in your product.

Other sales channel

By developing an app for your business, you will not only be able to strengthen your brand but you will also be opening a new sales channel from where users can make purchases of your products as they would from a physical branch or an online store.


Unlike an eCommerce where the loading speed is 2 to 5 seconds, a mobile app works much faster, having been downloaded to your users' devices.


Your mobile application can be as you want, with a design-oriented to have a great user experience and obtain maximum sales results for your business.


You can create a stronger relationship with your users than you could get using other means, as you will be as close to them as they are to their devices. We talk that you can send notifications with promotions, discounts, offers, surveys and much more.

Offline availability

Not all people have access to the Internet throughout the day. A mobile app will allow your users to browse the catalog of your products, news, and promotions at any time they want, whether or not they have an Internet connection.

Device Peripherals

One of the best advantages of having an application for your business is that you can access the technology of devices such as GPS, camera, microphone, accelerometer, etc. For example, you can know the location of your users to send promotions (push notifications) more appropriate to their location.

Customer Loyalty

Your app will be in the list of applications within your customers' phone. In this way, every time they open the menu of their device, your brand will stand out there, and it will be more feasible for them to enter it again and again, thus strengthening the link with your company and being able to use it as a direct purchase channel.

How much will application development cost me?

As you can see, a mobile application is undoubtedly an excellent way to boost your brand, build customer loyalty and multiply your sales. As a good entrepreneur, you will surely be well soaked with price ranges. There are even companies whose business is precise, the marketing of unlimited apps designed for companies. What if we offer you a first mobile solution that gives you all the comforts you need for the Service Management of your company? At AppStudio, we make sure that the clients get value for the money and we promise the most affordable yet innovative solutions.