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iOS App Development

Apple, today, has four large development libraries for app construction: UIKit (only for iOS, watchOS and tvOS), AppKit (only for macOS), SceneKit (for 3D games) and SpriteKit (for 2D games). But did you know what? SceneKit and SpriteKit are already unified and allow you to create 2D and 3D games that with a single code and project work on all systems, including macOS. Therefore the path is no longer to make iOS apps run on the Mac. You have to look further. Because iOS apps are not going to run on the Mac since it would not make sense. It is important to note that the code editor underwent a refactoring last year (a rewrite from 0) made in the new Apple Swift language and although improvement in performance was noted, developers have been suffering almost a whole year a significant lack of stability. However, AppStudio was awarded multiple times in that period due to our innovative and experienced approach. If you are aware of the added benefits of having iOS development, surely it’s the right time to start your project.

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Android App Development

Android is a versatile working framework headed by the American mammoth Google. This working framework depends on the center of another program called Linux and is utilized by a huge number of gadgets, including cell phones, tablets, TVs, and so on. To build up an application for Android, it is important to place in mix a lot of explicit abilities. These abilities require specialized information and expertise legitimately identified with programming. Taking into account that not all engineers essentially have very aptitude necessary for programming, structure, and design. We have a diversified team where every member is a master of one skill and show unrivaled development abilities. Together with our team, our executives make sure that you get timely reports and evaluations. Our group of specialists creates arrangements with bleeding edge advancements that bring development and execution. For every one of our tasks we give our clients a devoted undertaking, manager and internet detailing instruments. Regardless of whether it is a responsive plan adaptation of your site or an expert local application that must speak with your data framework, we have every skill in the book and experience to understand your task in the best conditions.

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Mobile Backend Engineering

At the point when we utilize a versatile application we request data on a nonstop premise, it doesn't make a difference if the application is for data search, a game or an interpersonal organization. This suggests a piece of the application (the Backend), must have the option to discover and get to the data we demand. The way toward scanning for information isn't simple, since these are put away in enormous databases (in the plural), which are additionally ensured so as not to uncover what is called touchy data in our general vicinity. Now, a well-structured Backend must be capable not exclusively to locate the exact data that the client requires, yet additionally to get to it safely. A significant part of the code of the application is written in the Backend, which implies that for any update or alteration of it, designers should chip away at it once more. Along these lines, Appstudio has figured out how to score a splendid group of designers who exceed expectations in backend building.

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QA and Testing

Quality confirmation and persistent testing are the central focuses that make any application fruitful and prominent among customers. The science behind the QA tests is to precisely recognize the nature of the product so as to guarantee that the product fills in true to form to work consistently. By utilizing quality confirmation tests all through the application improvement process, we set aside time and cash after execution. Blunders in corporate application can cause framework power outages, missing information and correspondence disappointments. Here at Appstudio we guarantee that the application will work precisely as it should work. There's no safety buffer.

  • Functional testing
  • Espresso UI testing
  • Selinium
  • Appium
  • White and black box testing

Our App Development Approach

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Native App Development

This group contains applications that are offered in the extensive catalogs and App Stores of the main operating systems. That is, each native application is indissoluble from the operating system in which it was developed; and they only work under that unique environment. They are easy to create and market, and offer a more complete user experience.

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Hybrid App Development

They are called hybrids because they combine aspects of native applications and web applications as appropriate. On the one hand, they are developed under Javascript, CSS or HTML language, just like web apps, which allows adaptation to any operating system; and on the other hand, as with native apps, they allow access to the functionalities of the device. An example of a hybrid app is Instagram.

App Development Process

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Architecture & UX Design

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App Development

With efficient mobile app development, AppStudio has transformed the businesses and their management. We provide mobile apps of every kind, from retail and warehouse sector to sports and education. By working in such a diversified industries, our developers and designers are ahead of their time and knew the limits and challenges of every field. We draw the roadmap of development by carefully analyzing the market, your strategy and the idea behind the creation of mobile digital solution.

Calgary, center of Canadian oil industry, has long ago started developing into a cosmopolitan city where businesses find ideal prospects to flourish and dominate. AppStudio realized that without digital transformation the city has no future, so we started providing businesses with skills and roadmaps involving mobile apps and other technologies. Presently, Calgary is one of the few places in North America where you will find excellent technological solutions in affordable prices.

Our Work

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Amy Macedo

Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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RecoSpot is a social media platform that provides a simple way to recommend and discover local food & drink spots in Toronto through photos. See where people are going around the Greater Toronto Area and plan your visits to spots that interest you

Industries We Serve

We have experience of handling diversified genres of life and industries. We work for the transformation of your businesses.

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Retail & E-commerce

App Development

This age belongs to the smartphones and other handheld devices. People have long ago shifted towards these pocket friendly gadgets and prefer them over the other desktop machines. Mobile Apps have played an important role in this transition. AppStudio is one of the few companies in the United States and especially in the Calgary, where we not only create mobile apps but also guarantee their success. Our portfolio speaks for us!

It is indisputable that, currently, any business will be much more efficient, in all aspects, if it has technological devices that facilitate all kinds of tasks. Starting with modern cash registers and computers, the thing has been scaling up to have smartphones with which to interact with employees, tablets that allow you to show your product catalog to customers, programs with which to make very simple and very satisfactory satisfaction surveys fast ...

The technology, in particular, mobile devices, enable us to give a more quality and efficiency to our company, using them to work at all levels and thereby achieving the maximum of perfection and achieving better management in the company.


Any worker can make use, wherever, of the multiple functionalities that incorporate these devices. The portability means that can move with them and remain useful so not created, for example, dead working times. In the same way, it is achieved that the participation of the entire workforce is more active and, thus, dynamic, improving the work environment.

The immediate availability of information

Any worker will have information with changes in real time, so that it can be much more productive, innovate, propose solutions to problems that arise and much more. This data entry also does not have to be done again; that is, the information is always up to date and there is no need to duplicate it by creating islands that are of little or no use.

Business and technological news requires that every organization make a good development of mobile applications to strengthen the link between the company and the customer. At AppStudio, we accompany projects throughout their transformation and development cycle through consulting and effective app programming advice.

The development of mobile and wearable applications that we carry out is always tailored, based on the characteristics of each company. We know that each market and each customer require a different approach. Therefore, from AppStudio we opt for personalized work, adapting the service to each client as the basis of business development.

In this way, through good use of apps, the brand can reliably extend its image to its customers. Thanks to this, consumers can live new experiences, thus strengthening the relationship between the company and the user. That is, the mobile application becomes a direct extension of the brand that the customer receives through feelings. That is why good mobile application development is so important.

Among the main services offered by our area concerning mobile apps include:

Mobile apps consulting:

In this phase, we will help you shape your mobile app. Through advice on design, functionality and revenue model, your application will take the strength you need to get started.

The development of customized mobile applications:

Based on the personalization base for each client and each market, we design and develop native apps for Android (smartphones and tablets), iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows, and HTML5 cross-platform apps. Besides, we work on B2C and B2B apps.

The development of backend and APIs for mobile apps:

We develop web administration panels, APIs, Backend for apps, sending push notifications, integration with payment systems and web solutions. In addition to offering the services of our expert team at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Transmit the values of your company through your mobile app.

Get a better link with your customers and save time and costs thanks to a good development of mobile applications. Do not hesitate to enter our website for more information and to contact us.