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Chatbot : What It Is, What It Is For, How It Works, and its Advantages

by appstudio February 21, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes

A chatbot is one of those technological advances that no digital business can give up. We’re talking about a tool that has been changing the way companies relate to their customers. And it’s all due to the combination of constant availability and almost instant response time. This makes them a very attractive way to streamline […]

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Understanding iBeacon & its Key Benefits for Businesses

by appstudio January 21, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes

It is a technology used by Apple to position people or objects indoors. It is a wireless technology that makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE, this new version of Bluetooth, has many improvements but the most important is surely the best battery management, so it requires minimum consumption of our device. One of […]

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Intelligent Warehouses, the New Technologies That Break Molds

by appstudio January 16, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Intelligent Warehouses

In recent years, storage logistics has evolved hand in hand with fields such as robotics, electronics, and automation. A look at some of the innovations in the sector. Imagine the possibility of incorporating a workforce into your company that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without breaks or vacations and for less […]

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What is Big Data and what is it for? Usage Examples

by appstudio January 9, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Big Data

Have you ever wondered what Big Data is and what it is for? We understand as Big Data the amounts of large-scale data that exceed the capacity of conventional software to be captured, processed and stored in a reasonable time. The Big Data concept also encompasses the infrastructures, technologies, and services that have been created […]

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Is It Necessary to Transform Our Business Model into the Digital Age?

by appstudio January 7, 2020 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes
Business Model into the Digital Age

Regardless of how many applications or social networks a company has as forms of contact, customers continue to telephone when they have a problem. But they face confusing automatic responses and long waiting times. What would you say if this process was done by a robot that with machine learning has learned to answer the […]

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Meet Trends and Pillars of Digital Transformation for Companies

by appstudio December 31, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Digital Transformation

The trends in digital transformation are those that mark the path for companies and brands when adopting technologies and strategies aimed at increasing the impact on their sector. Before starting our topic, we must make the concept clear, since not everything that involves technology is necessarily digital transformation. Then, get to work! What is Digital […]

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Contemporary Technologies and their Impact on Sports

by appstudio December 27, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 6 minutes
Contemporary Technologies

Technology has been a fundamental actor in the lives of human beings for many years now. It has invaded practically all areas of our day to day to facilitate almost everything. The sport is not a field that escapes the constant technological advances that every day try to perfect our way of practicing it. Both […]

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Understanding the Digital Transformation and its Impact on Businesses

by appstudio December 23, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 7 minutes

Have you heard about the digital transformation? This term has gained the attention of companies from all sectors around the world. But what exactly is that? Some people think that it is an IT effort or that involves the improvement of the customer experience, as well as an infinite number of other ideas and definitions. […]

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Digital Transformation of Your Retail Business; the Best of Both Worlds

by appstudio November 28, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 8 minutes
digital market

The speed of technological innovation is changing the foundations of business as we know them. Every organization in the retail world loves to think that it has a philosophy of putting the customer ahead of everything, but the old goal of increasing the customers that go through stores is no longer enough, not even the […]

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Importance of Health Informatics and Medical Software in Healthcare

by appstudio November 19, 2019 Time to Read Blog: 8 minutes
Medical Software

Health informatics or medical informatics is the application of informatics and communications to the health area through the use of medical software, and they are part of health technologies. Its main objective is to provide services to health professionals to improve the quality of health care. Wikipedia notes that it is the intersection of information […]

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