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Virtual Reality (VR) consists of sensory immersion in a new world, based on real environments or not, that has been artificially generated, and that we can perceive thanks to virtual reality glasses and their accessories (audio helmets, gloves, etc ...). The objective of this technology is to create a fictional world of which you can be part and even be the protagonist: watching a car in a virtual dealership, being the protagonist of a video game or practicing how to do open-heart surgery. As with mobile phones or the Internet, the emergence of virtual reality is one of the most important technological changes of recent times.

They say that this decade belongs to virtual reality. Whether we agree with this statement or not, the truth is that more and more organizations and individuals are betting on this state of the art tech to improve their efficiency and mobility. As an industry leader, Appstudio strives to provide its customers with the best possible experience. We not only offer complete transparency but also highly regard effective communication. Our clients entrust us with the development of their projects, and we rely on best-certified professionals on a technical level.

Strengths and Benefits of VR Application Development

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Rich, immersive user experience

Virtual reality has something very curious and necessary, such as the isolation of the real world. So that the sensation of immersion and the parallel reality that you live is as complete as possible. Being the ear and sight the senses that receive more stimuli. We incorporate Three-dimensional graphics that allow users to have a real perception of what they see through virtual reality glasses. Moreover, the movements that a character will follow, are not predefined but are improvised and have multiple variables, so they are constantly evolving.

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Remove language barriers

The language barrier is usually a big problem especially when it comes to education. If you want to study in a different country, you must understand and speak the language. With virtual reality, all possible languages can be implemented within the software.

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Fast Adaptation

The best way to learn is by doing, now open your mind, imagine that you can recreate the scenario you want, adapt it to the needs of your area and explore it through virtual reality. Our VR apps enable users to quickly adapt the new systems and high tech machines.

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Detailed Analytics

With Virtual Reality, you can have a detailed analysis of your projects and the capabilities of your workforce. VR apps offer the designs to be laid several times before execution. Furthermore, you can enhance the skill levels of different professionals.

VR Development Services

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Appstudio has virtual reality developers, with experience in handling more than 20 platforms, including mobile phones, desktop computers, web and game consoles, with support on several VR devices (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens, Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and Gear VR). Our services include:

  • VR app consultation
  • VR apps for desktops
  • VR App design ideas
  • Full fledge systems developed for VR
  • VR app support and maintenance
  • VR-based game development services

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