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The advancement in technology and the field of computer science has allowed in recent years that users can have technological tools that several decades ago were unthinkable, or that seemed to be taken from a science fiction book. Such is the case of virtual reality. Emerged in the 1980s, the concept of virtual reality arose from the moment when computer technology made incredible advances and began to offer the possibility that the user could have interacted in virtual worlds in almost the same way as he acts in the real world.

Basically, virtual reality consists of a technology that allows the user to interact with an environment that exists only through a computer, for which it is necessary to use special immersion devices, such as virtual reality glasses that can be achieved today in the market, and the objective is to allow the user to experience the sensation of being within what they are seeing, so it is very popular in the world of video games.

While virtual reality is extremely popular in the world of video games, the truth is that this technology can be more than useful in various fields, such as health, education, and business, among others.

360 virtual reality

In general, in many cases, it happens that when talking about virtual reality this is often confused with augmented reality, and of course they are not the same, but in addition, virtual reality is also often confused with the so-called audiovisual experience of 360º experience, so which are often called virtual reality 360. /n/n The main reason why confusion is usually generated between what virtual reality is and 360º videos lies in the fact that the visualization of this type of video requires the so-called VR glasses. /n/n However, in 360º videos virtual reality does not exist, since in reality, it lacks one of the main components of virtual reality, which is immersion, that is to say, it can have a viewing platform and stereoscopic experience. In general, a 360-degree video basically consists of a film whose peculiarity is that it is reproduced throughout the entire field of vision simultaneously.

3D virtual reality

As we have seen above, within the scope of virtual reality there is the so-called 3D virtual reality, with which thanks to a complete hardware and software system, the user can achieve a true virtual reality experience in three dimensions. /n/n Through graphics and sounds, 3D virtual reality is presented to the user as a reality that surrounds it, since it can experience different sensations. Of course, it is necessary to have a combination of different pieces of hardware, which generally include glasses or visual display, headphones, and various input devices.

Virtual reality applications

Today we can have virtual reality in our home, and although the truth is that it is a set of methods that do not quite become a true virtual reality, however, we can achieve intense experiences through applications available for it.

Uses of Virtual Reality

For everything seen in relation to virtual reality, there is no doubt that we can say that this technology is definitely the future, since although nowadays it is simply entertainment for most users, for many academics and scientists it is a tool that can help them achieve their goals much faster and much more effectively than at any other time in the history of Humanity. /n/n One of the fields in which virtual reality technology can make a big difference is that of architecture since it can offer us the necessary tools, in the form of VR glasses, to be able to move through any of the perspectives. As we know, the views in two or three dimensions, although they can get to give the architects an idea of certain details of their design, the truth is that they are not enough to have a truly realistic view of their dimensions and spaces. /n/n This method of work could lead architects to detach themselves from paper planes forever, to give way to a new type of design, being able to be completely submerged in it in a virtual way. Without a doubt, the technology of virtual reality will one day forever change the way Humanity now has to create its buildings. /n/n Another area in which virtual reality technology can forever change what previous generations consider traditional or orthodox is art. Although so far the structures remain the same, that is, we continue to make art through the same tools but digital, moving fingers on a screen instead of brushes on a canvas the truth is that this with virtual reality the approach with the Virtual reality will change forever, and we can see completely enveloping works, and it is also possible that even they are not static and extend to infinity, if the artist wants it. All this thanks to the fact that through VR the barriers that bind us to the physical can be broken, and wrap ourselves in a reality completely alien to our primal senses. /n/n Less sympathetic than art and human than medicine, the field of defense, that is, the armed and security forces of the countries can also benefit greatly from the use of virtual reality, both for the training of their personnel and to provide services in the field. /n/n While the use of simulators in the field of military training is a situation that has been going on for years, examples of them are flight simulators or tank simulators, the truth is that VR technology can take these training to a limit of realism that was previously impossible to achieve, which contributes to developing capacity and ability when receiving instruction. It also saves a lot of budgets, at least in the early stages of learning. /n/n An example of this technology is used in areas such as skydiving, where the cash, fully equipped, makes its first jumps from a simulator, equipped with a VR helmet. This also allows you to save a lot of money, guarantee the safety of who is receiving the training.

Sports and VR

One of the sports that can take full advantage of virtual reality is football, since it is a game where the action takes place quickly, and we lose some of the visual information, as usually happens when we see the games on the court or on the TV, it can mean that we cannot fully enjoy the sporting event. /n/n However, it is not only the spectator who can enjoy the benefits of virtual reality technology in a sporting event, since also the players or referees of these meetings can find the answers to a certain situation by the hand of a pair of glasses RV. Another point in which virtual reality is beneficial for the sport is in training, as it could allow players to practice each play or move without fear of being injured, as often happens in many sports practices.

AppStudio and VR

They say that this decade belongs to virtual reality. Whether we agree with this statement or not, the truth is that more and more organizations and individuals are betting on this state of the art tech to improve their efficiency and mobility. As an industry leader, Appstudio strives to provide its customers with the best possible experience. We not only offer complete transparency but also highly regard effective communication. Our clients entrust us with the development of their projects, and we rely on best-certified professionals on a technical level.

Strengths and Benefits of VR Application Development

VR Developers Canada

Rich, immersive user experience

Virtual reality has something very curious and necessary, such as the isolation of the real world. So that the sensation of immersion and the parallel reality that you live is as complete as possible. Being the ear and sight the senses that receive more stimuli. We incorporate Three-dimensional graphics that allow users to have a real perception of what they see through virtual reality glasses. Moreover, the movements that a character will follow, are not predefined but are improvised and have multiple variables, so they are constantly evolving.

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Remove language barriers

The language barrier is usually a big problem especially when it comes to education. If you want to study in a different country, you must understand and speak the language. With virtual reality, all possible languages can be implemented within the software.

 VR Development Canada

Fast Adaptation

The best way to learn is by doing, now open your mind, imagine that you can recreate the scenario you want, adapt it to the needs of your area and explore it through virtual reality. Our VR apps enable users to quickly adapt the new systems and high tech machines.

 Virtual Reality Developers

Detailed Analytics

With Virtual Reality, you can have a detailed analysis of your projects and the capabilities of your workforce. VR apps offer the designs to be laid several times before execution. Furthermore, you can enhance the skill levels of different professionals.

VR Development Services

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Appstudio has virtual reality developers, with experience in handling more than 20 platforms, including mobile phones, desktop computers, web and game consoles, with support on several VR devices (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens, Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and Gear VR). Our services include:

  • VR app consultation
  • VR apps for desktops
  • VR App design ideas
  • Full fledge systems developed for VR
  • VR app support and maintenance
  • VR-based game development services

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