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Our IoT App Development Services Include

Appstudio is distinguished for having veteran IoT app developers who work with determination and in a systematic way. We offer a complete range of Internet of Things Development services using the most advanced technology and proficiency. The service includes:

IoT Developers Canada

IoT Implementation & Support

One of the biggest attributes of Appstudio is that it not only develop IoT solutions but also provide maintenance and support. We implement IoT solutions so that your company gains a maximum advantage over others. Moreover, we make sure that the consistency remains there with regular maintenance.

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IoT Gateway Development

IoT gateway provides the communication channel between devices or from device to cloud storage. Our team has a history of developing hardware and IoT gateway solutions that provide companies with worthy data and peace of mind.

IoT Development Canada

High-End IoT Solution With Rich Architecture

Fortunately, Appstudio has got what it takes to build a state of the art solutions for enterprises and individuals. We have developed highly sophisticated IoT projects having innovation and remarkable results.

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Connectivity With Wearable Devices

IoT is all about connectivity and communicating valuable data between devices and clouds. Appstudio excels in developing software and mechanism for wearable devices so that they become an efficient example of contemporary IoT solution. We work for smooth and trouble-free connectivity.

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App Security

One of the major risk associated with the development of IoT enabled devices, apps, and solutions are its vulnerability against the cyber-attacks. According to our understanding, there is no fruit in delivering half cooked and weak apps. Mobile app security is our foremost priority and we never compromise over it.

IoT Development Companies Toronto

Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

Smarter and interoperability things facilitate the use of IoT, which becomes more intuitive with the use of voice. A voice assistant connected to a smart device is one of the advancements of IoT which is still in development phases. However, at Appstudio you find some sophisticated Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions.

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IoT Maintenance Services

Appstudio's support service provides general support to help companies maintain and develop their IoT applications. As an expert and IoT construction and integration group, Appstudio accompanies you throughout the life of your project. In this way, Appstudio's support and maintenance service provide general facilitation to help companies maintain and foster their solution.

IoT Development Company Toronto

IoT App Development

At Appstudio, we offer our clients the best solutions to achieve their business objectives in the simplest, most efficient and the safest way. That’s the way we design, implement and maintain IoT centric apps. Our clients entrust us with the development of their projects, and we rely on best-certified professionals on a technical level.

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IoT Consultation

We are well aware that IoT technology is still under the radar. However, its potential is evident from the success of those who have implemented IoT specific solutions. Our team is always there at your disposal if you want any consultation or want to develop a strategy for your own business. We are here to help.

Technology Requirement for IoT Development

Much of the technology needed to create IoT applications is not something new, rather each element has reached a certain maturity and cost efficiency at a point where they are more accessible. Modules such as the WepTech 6LoWPAN router or discrete components such as TI CC2538, designed for custom projects, allow applications to be developed quite easily. In this line we find passive components and connectors that are changing to adapt to the needs of cutting-edge IoT projects. Also the USB-C, which allows fewer cables when we connect our wearables, or multilayer ceramic capacitors that are smaller than ever.

It is clear that the software requirements of IoT devices are much higher. You may need a Java VM. You could also use a vertical market protocol. It is definitely possible to create an IoT system with existing Web technologies, even if they are not as effective as the newest protocols. HTTP (S) and Websockets are common standards, along with XML or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for payload. When using a standard Web browser (HTTP client), JSON provides an abstraction layer for Web developers.

  • Connectivity

  • Cloud Platforms

  • Operating System

  • Web Services

  • Protocols

IoT Development

In our eagerness to have everything controlled, planned and exploited to the fullest, technologies arise that make it possible to monitor and connect anything. The Internet of Things refers to the network of billions of physical equipment that exists today throughout the world. It is one of the key technologies to revolutionize not only life but the competitiveness of companies of any size and sector. From a toy to an autonomous truck, through engineering miracles like jets, everything can be part of the IoT. At Appstudio we offer our clients the best solutions to achieve their business objectives in the simplest, most efficient and the safest way. That way we design, implement and maintain IoT solutions.

Bring Transformation in your Business

Surprisingly several companies and organizations are working on all kinds of solutions, generating an immense and heterogeneous technological offers. However, the question is not whether there is the right IoT technology for your business, the key is to know and choose the best IoT solution ecosystem to meet your needs. That is part of our work. As an industry leader, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience when working with us. Our clients entrust us with the development of their projects, and we rely on best-certified professionals on a technical level.

Almost 30% of companies currently use IoT solutions. 12% of the companies that have adopted it have at least 10,000 connected devices. It is not an exclusive solution of large organizations, but they are increasingly committed to it. The sectors that bet most, transport and logistics and retail. 46% have introduced it in their operating procedures, integrating it into central systems such as enterprise resource planning. Its purpose is confirmed as a strategic and process automation solution.

Respondents highlight above all the advantage of increasing efficiency by incorporating such technology into their processes. Efficiency stands out above the increase in revenue, risk management, and cost reduction. A good IoT strategy designed gradually is not only vital but in the medium term, it could make the business more efficient and provide real value. IoT can transform a business model.

IoT is here to Help and Boost

The IoT can serve you to manage endless data about your product or your business from a panel. You can detect trends and patterns, control a fleet of vehicles, detect if your products were hit in a transport, detect the wear of parts, control the operation of machines in real-time and notify when any unusual behavior is detected, obtain predictions about the state future of the equipment and even predict potential machine failures and system errors ... all this by combining sensor data with business information.

Appstudio has extensive experience in handling big projects from countries throughout the world. We have a team of developers who hail in enjoying work and handling challenges. Indeed IoT is the future for your company so it demands to be handled precisely without any faults and glitches.

Thanks to IoT, companies can have access to quality information. It gives them the possibility to know how their users act, how they relate, their tastes and their interests. Every great company knows that such information is invaluable for business. /n/n Another benefit completely different from the one that can be mentioned is the reduction of costs and the use of assets. By having control over all the devices, their activity and expenses generated by their use are greatly reduced. A concrete example may be the electrical system of a large company. A system that activates, depending on whether there are people doing activities or not. /n/n Something as simple as turning the light on or off can become important in the numbers of a large company. But this is only an example. The IoT solutions reach everywhere and they all have significant improvements in companies.

IoT for almost every Sector and Genre

The IoT solutions in the area of logistics sector can provide real-time information. With this technology, you can know where the necessary product or material is located. On the other hand, the client can also follow up, as an additional service offered to more important clients. /n/n In industrial processes, an advance of this magnitude is extremely important. With sensors that inform the operation of the machines, damage, equipment stoppage and many other problems can be prevented. This way you can act in advance and avoid the delay. /n/n Consumers are increasingly demanding IoT devices, such as wearables, thermostats connected to the Internet, music players in the cloud or connected vehicles, among others. That is why mobile network operators are taking a leading position in boosting IoT, providing connectivity to a wide range of smart devices and connected solutions for homes, hospitals, factories, cars and other means of transportation. The economic and social advantages of these connected solutions have resulted in a rapid expansion of IoT, to the point where the spectrum requirements of the ecosystem exceed capacity. To the extent that governments are assigning more spectrum licenses to favor the growth of IoT.

Why Choose AppStudio?

We not only perform and develop projects according to the needs of the clients but also guide them through the whole journey. From our experiences, we know that the most significant part in the development phase is to picture what’s in the mind of the client and then transform it in reality. However, by avoiding all the possible threats, risks, and glitches.

We know that today’s world of IoT possesses many risks if not handled professionally. Our team creates such commands and SOPs’ that complete risk management becomes routine work that helps in avoiding blunders. Feel free to ask us any question regarding IoT projects and development, we are here to help.

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