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AppStudio's expertise with personalized healthcare software development, HIPAA compliance software, and health records management provides a reliable foundation for offering data analysis, investigating, and business intelligence strategies for security, privacy, and record evaluation. Electronic medical records (EMR), supervision of training, digitization of accounting, payroll, and integration of human resources can improve patient care and practice of healthcare staff.

AppStudio has a decade long experience in handling and creating mobile apps that help swiftly process large amounts of data. Our healthcare solutions deliver exceptional results for our clients.

AppStudio has championed the cause of developing next-generation mobile and web applications that boost healthcare solutions to increase the efficiency of a business and charitable works. Mobile technology has the potential to impact the financial services sector's competitive edge, operational efficiency, customer experience, and performance. We understand the popularity and have equipped ourselves with the technical know-how and expertise to provide our clients with world-class mobile apps.

When it comes to custom software development, AppStudio follows a process of database design and development that supports data aggregation and business intelligence to facilitate compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our products cater to the needs of different healthcare professionals while our skilled team of professionals makes sure that we provide our clients’ a competitive edge over others. Our team has a strong emphasis on creating innovative products that are capable of providing meaningful and tremendous experience.

Physiotherapy Inc. is a Toronto-based startup. Co-founded by 3 certified physiotherapists, the company's primary goal is to help people accurately diagnose health problems linked to their particular occupational therapy. With years of experience, Physiotherapy Inc's co-founders are well prepared to infuse their expertise to the public and transform the physiotherapy industry.

User Behaviour

Healthcare app Developers Canada
Prescription or over-the-counter drugs
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Alternative Treatments
Healthcare app Development Canada
Health Insurance Information
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Depression, Anxiety or Stress
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A particular doctor, specialist or hospital

AppStudio has always strived to bring usability and innovation to the digital market where our emphasis is to provide alluring products to the users. Healthcare is the field where user behavior matters the most, on one can provide worthy medical-related facilities’ without taking on board the patients and customers.

AppStudio develops apps and custom software that not only provide information to the patients but also play an important role in facilitating them in every means possible. We have created apps for alternative treatments, drug information, and insurance nitty-gritty. With our apps, patients can contact medical practitioners and consult them regarding their ailment without physically visiting the clinic premises. We are working to transform the healthcare industry where our focus is on the implementation of the technology to facilitate both medical staff and patients.

Why Choose AppStudio to build your healthcare app

Healthcare app Developers Canada
Improve Patient Care
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Disease Management and Wellness
Healthcare app Development Canada
FieldForce Management Solutions

Healthcare is one of the most challenging fields where there are a plethora of technologies, however, present healthcare IT infrastructure is often poorly integrated. AppStudio is transforming the sector with its state of the art software and apps by allowing medical practitioners and patients self-service. Improving patient care at a lower cost without burdening healthcare specialists is our main goal.

We deliver some of the following solutions after partnering with HMOs, Hospitals and other healthcare providers.

  • Real-time patient monitoring through mobile and desktop applications.
  • Utilizing various communication channels to securely transmit data to back-end systems.
  • Apps for connecting medical devices.
  • Interfacing of medical devices with PC / laptop, mobile device, and gateway.
  • Design of gateway for remote data collection.
  • Bringing IoT to the service of patients and healthcare staff.
  • Interconnecting medical equipment wirelessly for home and hospital usage.

Our Ruling Health Apps

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Developing Healthcare applications takes experience, innovation and, honestly, a great deal of determination to start a start-up in a complex and competitive industry. Healthcare remains the focus of government and organizations while it is the field for professionals, not amateurs because lives depend on our crucial decisions. We believe that we can collectively solve healthcare issues for patients and medical practitioners through innovative means.

Why partner with AppStudio to build you Healthcare applications:

  • Cross-Platform Development: Appstudio excels in cross-platform development. We never compromise over the usability and peculiarity of apps while offering cross-platform projects.
  • App Design and Development: Our design teams are always accessible by our clients as we believe without an efficient design and usability, the concept of having a mobile app fails.
  • QA and testing: Not only we do QA sessions after the launch of the app, but we also create mid-sessions with clients from scratch to prototype.
  • Support, Maintenance, and Optimization: With enterprise development, you rest assured that a dedicated team is assigned to your project and they work solely for you.

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