Unlocking the Business Value of Connected Devices With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of computers to learn problem-solving as they receive stimuli and new information. In the past (and today), computers had a program that solved a specific problem. That is to say, human intelligence had translated the problem into an algorithm (programming), which the computer solved quickly (for its computational capacity so fast). Why is AI so powerful? Because it will learn from itself exponentially at an unimaginable speed. Humans generally learn from experience.

Artificial Intelligence in Business is a recurring theme in any conversation about Digital Transformation, but how can we separate what is just hype from what this technology can deliver on business benefits? We've come a long way here, that's true, but with so much AI-related news and how the world will be transformed by it, it's hard to understand what already exists and what still just conjecture is. Our goal here is to draw a clear line between the real world, the applications that can already be used today and what you'll see in the future of Artificial Intelligence in business. Artificial intelligence already exists among us and is taking more and more control of the daily activities usually executed by humans.

Why Business needs Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology, perhaps even the geekiest technology available today. But if you think that the reframing nature of AI is limited to global technology giants and frontline companies, think again. AI is finally revolutionizing every business, and industry.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have your business or until now you are starting your brand, you may think that applying artificial technology to your day to day seems highly Technical and Specialized. However, AI is the future and will be implemented by your competitors. So better be a pioneer.

Appstudio has a vast experience in AI, thanks to our collaborations with leading organizations of the world. We will not only design AI based products and processes for you but will also help you strategize your business in order to gain maximum benefits from this sophisticated technology.

  • Enhanced Automation reducing the human labor and workload.
  • Smart and efficient disaster response and management by having swift and accurate actions.
  • Smart systems that will not only help you but will also advise and guide you through success.
  • Governments can have true smart cities by integrating AI into their digitized systems.
  • Strengthened economy while having low cost annual expenditures and boost in revenue generation.
  • No more mundane tasks like arranging and rearranging the data.
  • No more errors that are the major hindrance in the upscaling of your businesses.
  • With AI, we have speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and quality surveillance for security purposes.
  • We can ensure intelligent robots that will help in health, food, automotive and other industries.
  • From Farming to Industrialization, From Fashion to everyday lifestyle, From Immigration control to legislation. AI can revolutionize them all

Our AI Development Expertise

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Image Analysis

Generally, in the field of subject matter, automated image analysis refers to a quantitative digital evaluation of the image of a microstructure. It’s the evaluation of metallographic characteristics such as grain size, inclusions, layers and phases and other constituents.

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Predictive Analysis

It uses historical data to anticipate and foretell future events. Predictive analysis has received a lot of attention in recent years due to advances in the technology that supports it, especially in the areas of big data and machine learning.

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A well-designed chatbot can be incredibly important to promote the company's client interaction. Our built chatbots are flexible and adaptable, offering fresh horizons for enterprises while strengthening customer service.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning, known as deep neural networks, is an aspect of AI that emulates the learning that humans use to obtain certain knowledge. What is achieved with deep learning is that the system has less and less margin for error. You can check out our contributions in this sector.

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Speech and Audio

Processing of speech and audio has vast effects in the areas of music, health and education. We have been working on active noise cancellation and digital assistants since inception. We also create technologies to assist therapists in speech treatments.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the discipline that studies how to process, analyze and interpret images automatically. These techniques have applications in many areas, such as safety, medicine, automatic inspection, or automatic navigation.

Technology Stack For AI Development

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IBM Watson

Named after IBM’s first CEO, Thomas J. Watson, the company is fueled by the most recent advancements in AI. Watson is the open, multi-cloud stage that gives you a chance to robotize the AI lifecycle.

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Machine learning has been made easier by TensorFlow. Having an ecosystem that help developers and consumers both. TensorFlow gives you the adaptability and control with highlights like the Keras Functional API and Model Subclassing API for making of complex topologies.

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MLlib is created as a feature of the Apache Spark venture. It accordingly gets tried and refreshed with each Spark update. Talking about Big data ecosystem, there is no such program like Spark that gives you utility as well as the required speed and performance.

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No doubt there are numerous deep learning platforms available in our age. However, there is no comparison to Keras which excels in providing developers with open source neural library.

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Mahout is an open source venture that is utilized for making versatile AI calculations. The calculations of Mahout are composed over Hadoop, so it functions admirably in circulated condition. It utilizes the Hadoop library to scale adequately in the cloud.

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Deeplearning4j is a profound picking up programming library composed for Java and the Java virtual machine. It provides a figuring system with wide help for profound learning calculations. No doubt, it’s a modern and one of the swift tool for ML.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a distributed computing administration made by Microsoft for structure, testing, conveying, and overseeing applications and administrations through Microsoft-oversaw servers.

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PyTorch is a Python-based logical registering bundle that uses the intensity of designs handling units. It is likewise one of the favored profound learning research stages worked to give most extreme adaptability and speed.

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H2O.ai is situated in Mountain View, California and offers a suite of Machine Learning stages. H2O’s center quality is its high-performing ML parts, which are firmly incorporated with swiftness and usability.

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DMTK is a parameter server system for preparing AI models with a lot of information on a group of machines. It deals with information stockpiling and activity, between procedure and between string correspondences.

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Based in Canada, Amy’s channel Macedo Beauty has over 800K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty

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