We understand that technical solutions should be driven by underlying business goals, target audiences and processes; therefore we practice a
top-down approach to app development. What's your next big idea?

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Our Mission

Provide personalized solutions that create memorable digital experiences.

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We’ve been consistently rated as one of the top app development companies in the world.

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We seek to create valuable apps that people want to use frequently. Simple!

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Mold a development hub for the disruptive innovations of tomorrow.

Meet the Experts

We’re a team of designers, engineers and business analysts from every corner of the world. We love to collaborate with innovative and disruptive firms to create memorable digital experiences.

Industries we have served

We wake up in the morning to create apps that people will use, apps that make money, and apps that top the charts.

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Wellness and Fitness/Health

We partner with healthcare organizations to accelerate their innovation agenda, achieve their strategic goals of increasing market strength, improving the quality of care while making healthcare/fitness affordable and accessible.

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Financial Services

The financial world is moving towards “frictionless” digital transactions. These changes to the market present a significant challenge as well as a significant opportunity for the financial services industry.

app development company Canada

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Mobile apps have revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. The craze for this industry among people has only increased with the introduction of apps in this category, which allows users to enjoy nightlife with their unique tastes.

App Development Agency Canada


Digital learning practices can help achieve the goals of your knowledge ecosystem. Educational institutions need a customized approach to deliver superior learning management, unique pedagogy and assessment methods

App Development Services Canada

Disruptive Innovators

AppStudio has significant domain expertise across high-tech segments to work with the Innovators who seek to challenge the status quo across the board with their ground breaking ideas and innovations

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Government Service Agencies

We work with government authorities, public institutions, and nongovernment organizations to solve complex technology challenges and deliver innovative solutions to deliver services to citizens that deliver lasting impact.

AppStudio’s Fascinating Journey

We are a North American software innovation and development company headquartered in Canada, with more than a decade long experience in the development of custom systems, web design, and mobile apps. We provide precise software solutions to companies. We are dedicated to provide digitization in companies and organizations, with the firm objective that technology is available to everyone. That is why we work with people who need just a contemporary website, mobile application, to international companies that need technological solutions for thousands of users.

We mix the talents of web and mobile designers, developers, project managers, analysts, and marketers in a formula to generate fabulous results for our clients.


We develop skills that allow us to be more efficient in delivering our developments, thinking about the speed with which technology moves and the response times that our customers require. We work to ensure stable and high-performance solutions that can be scalable over time.

Smooth Experience

Nowadays for your business existence, internet matters the most. But besides existing, we are interested that your brand looks perfect, on any device and ready for your customers. We develop informative websites and apps, adapted to ultra-modern Digital and E-Commerce strategies. We implement the necessary technological stack according to the need of the project to realize the dreams of our customers. The web pages and mobile apps have become, over time, excellent sales and projection tools for any type of business. In AppStudio, we want to help you grow your business through the implementation of technology, that's why we focus on creating web pages and mobile apps that are fast and peculiar.

Scalable Software Systems

We develop 100% custom solutions from scratch, according to the client's needs. We configure the entire tools and tech stacks to provide as much ease and accessibility as possible, always based on what is requested by the client. Our developers have experience of handling state of the art technologies like AI, IoT, AR, VR, and others. We have received numerous awards in implementing machine learning solutions to improve business efficiency. We analyze the problem of your brand, we propose the best strategies to achieve your goals, and we develop mobile applications, websites and digital strategies to put your business on the Internet to work. We have extensive research and experience in blockchain technology and react native.

E-commerce Solutions

We develop e-commerce strategies and implementations from its conceptual construction to its production start-up. We develop and implement everything from simple online stores to robust e-Commerce (e-Commerce) platforms both B2B and B2C to sell goods or services, with commercial functionalities applicable to advertising, marketing, billing, payment, customer service, and delivery.

We have an important experience integrating payment gateways such as PayPal, Place to Pay, among others, as well as platforms for shipping handling and operation and logistics management.

Our Team

In Appstudio, we are interested in the quality of life, development and high performance of our employees and staff. We strive to encourage our employees to find their talents and place them in areas where they have better performance and projection. We have dedicated teams for our resource and product that we handle. Our success lies in our extraordinary team and we take them as our asset.

Community and Environment

In Appstudio, we generate a positive impact on the community through platforms with open educational content, agreements, and programs with public or private entities that seek to improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations, also seeking to disseminate the use and appropriation of technology for improvement integral. We encourage the rational use of resources, our production processes do not pollute since they concentrate on human resources and the responsible use of computer equipment. We support and disseminate programs for the environment.

Why choose us?

We have an interdisciplinary team of professionals, who have developed a dynamic of knowledge generation through continuous research, interaction with technology, the study of regulations and pedagogy of some sectors. We are the best mobile app development company in the whole of North America, especially in Toronto, Canada. Our developers excel in iOS and Android app development among others.

For the Educational Sector we have developed a solution that integrates all the necessary elements of its ecosystem such as: national regulations, educational structure, curriculum, pedagogies, evaluations, communication, indicators and even recreational, forming a virtual platform that uses collaboration and communication technologies that facilitate a learning experience for all the public of the ecosystem.

For the corporate sector, we have extensive experience in the development of communication platforms such as web portals, intranet, internet of things, software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, transactional information systems and e-commerce portals. We have developed apps that support AR and VR for our clients from the health and sports industry. We are proud that we are helping to shape the IIOT and industry 4.0.

Our government portals comply with national regulations (GEL), we use de facto standard protocols for communication, security, multimedia production, content production (LDAP, SCOORM, W3C, RWD).